“That’s a piece of nonsense” – Mark Guidi loses the plot at brilliant Celtic fan caller defending Postecoglou

There is a lot of talk about how much time Ange Postecoglou should get at Celtic and what exactly is he building for the club as part of the rebuild.

Postecoglou himself spoke of a process to follow in order to get to what he is trying to build at Paradise.

But what exactly is Ange trying to establish at the club?

A Celtic fan called Frank called The Go Radio Football Show to explain the foundations the Celtic gaffer is laying at Paradise in a conversation that went downhill quickly, for pundit and journalist Mark Guidi:

Frank: “What Ange is proposing, again, if people would listen to him, is more than what Martin O’Neill gave us.

More than the manager at Leicester [Brendan Rodgers] gave us.

What Ange is proposing is to put in place a way of playing football club that will last, and continue for 10-20 years”

It was at this point Guidi, for me, lost the plot. He interrupted Frank with his usual bullish insignia, cut him off and spoke over him:

Guidi: “Frank, seriously, and I’m no having a go here. Don’t give me that patter.

Honestly, that is a piece of nonsense. Brendan Rodgers gave you back to back trebles and an unbeaten season.

Martin O’Neill gave you a European final and three titles out of five.

See all this patter that Ange is putting something in place for a decade, with the greatest of respect to you, Frank, and to Ange that does not work in football nowadays.

That is a piece of nonsense. I’m no having that. I’m not having that.

Frank was brilliant in his response and if Guidi let the man speak, he would have heard the point the caller was trying to make:

Frank: “You can have what you like, I’m gonna have my wee say here.

I’ll finish with this. I respect what these two managers did for us. I do not dismiss that. It was brilliant. Fantastic.

What Ange is putting place is that from the age of 10, through every player at Celtic Park, youngsters will play the football that the first team plays.

And that’s happening at other clubs.

And he’s proposing that what he’s putting in place, that type of exciting and attacking, front foot football will be a conveyor belt type situation whereby our own young players will slip seamlessly into our first team.

And yes, we still have to go by the odd player, but fundamentally we will we will supply our own players, and that is the big, big job he’s got.”

And there you have it. And that system is already in place at B team level and being implemented well.

If Guidi just listened to the guy instead of trying to bully him off the call, it would have saved him from that embarrassment.

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One thought on ““That’s a piece of nonsense” – Mark Guidi loses the plot at brilliant Celtic fan caller defending Postecoglou”

  1. i agree with guidi,modern day football top managers change tactics/systems/players on a regular basis to counter different opposition,one basic tactic does not work as has been shown several times already this season.

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