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“That wasn’t Jackson that wrote that. That was Lawwell.” – Journalist’s ‘foaming mouth’ Celtic fan piece slammed

There has been a lot said about the appointment of Peter Lawwell to the position of ‘non-executive- Chairman at Celtic Park.

There are fans who are quite happy at the appointment and will point to the trophy haul amassed under his tenure as CEO, and then there are others that will point to our European stagnation and alleged interference in football matters as a warning that this could be a disaster for the club.

But putting all that to one side, it was Keith Jackson’s fluff piece in the Daily Record that referred to Celtic fans reaction to the collapse of the ten in a row season as ‘foaming mouthed’ that ‘meant he [Lawwell] effectively had to leave the premises out of the back door with a blanket over his head‘ that drew this furious response from James Forrest at The Celtic Blog.

Appearing on the Endless Celts podcast, Forrest said, “I’ve heard Lawwell use similar language.

I mean, Keith Jackson is not smart enough to have drawn that conclusion on his own that that was what Lawwell was talking about when he said, ‘We get a hard time from these people because we are judged by different standards’ whatever it was he said.

Jackson is too stupid to draw his own inference from that so I’m sure Lawwell made it quite clear that he was talking about the Celtic fans being the ones who did the judging.

Because Lawwell has expressed that exact same sentiment to me.

He was talking about that, I mean it was completely unsolicited, he started going on about the Rangers board and how that Rangers board gets such an easy time from their supporters.

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And he says, ‘All the board does is lie to them and let them down and all that, and us we can’t catch a break and every mistake we make gets highlighted by guys like yourself.’

That’s too f*ckin bad. That’s the job. That’s the way they are. We ain’t them!

They went and died the last time because they refused to ask questions and they refused to hold their board to account. That’s never going to be us. We are never going to be like that.

He always resented that. That wasn’t Jackson that wrote that, that was Lawwell. I believe that was Lawwell’s sentiment.”

A truly outstanding reply to such a childish sentiment written about an era that clearly Jackson either didn’t understand or, as James stated, was too stupid to understand.

There will be more from this podcast later today. You will not be dissapointed!

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