“That Is a Ridiculous Thing To Say” – Hartson’s Incredible Reaction To Social Media Message To Radio Show

I think this is not the first time the comparison has been made. The celebration alone when Kyogo Furuhashi scores immediately drew comparisons to that of Celtic legend, Henrik Larsson.

I wrote about another fan making this claim on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard last night, and the reaction was pretty much the same as Hartson’s upcoming one!

The trademark tongue is something we have not seen since the days of the King but it has returned now with the signing of Japanese international.

John Hartson was speaking on Go Radio about the player when host, Paul Cooney read out a message sent to the show where one of the listeners compared Kyogo already with Larsson and Hartson’s reaction was priceless, “That is a ridiculous thing to say. That is ridiculous!

What I would say is well, Kyogo is that, yes, he has great movement and he can finish.

His goal the other night was magnificent. Kyogo has got up, as that’s a difficult skill that volley, you need agility to do that.

He has started off, incredibly well but how can you compare anybody with the King?

What is it 250 goals in 315 games? You know, you can’t This is a ludicrous question.”

No holding back from Hartson as he showed where his true loyalties lie. But there is no doubt, Kyogo will be an incredible signing for the Hoops and with six goals in six games in an incredible two weeks, there is a lot more to come from the Hoops frontman and the Celtic fans cannot wait!

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