Talksport shock jock blasts former Celtic star for leaving ‘footballing force’ for ‘soft option’

The Ryan Christie transfer was one we all knew was coming. But the question was what club would he move to in England, not league.

With Christie, apparently, being courted by Barnsley and Southampton, the Scotland midfielder eventually chose the south coast of England and signed for Bournemouth for just over £2m.

Whether you believe the reason Christie gave for joining the Championship side or not as he cited having a ‘soft spot‘ for the seaside club, one allegation levied to the former Hoops man is his lack of ambition for dropping into England’s second tier.

And that is what Talksport’s Simon Jordan seems to think as well.

Speaking in his show, he claimed Christie seems to have moved for ‘non footballing reasons’,  “I think he has taken the soft option.

“Bournemouth are a very nice option, it’s probably a very decent salary because they have a Russian owner who is still enjoying the second year of Premier League parachute payments.

“I think it is a lovely place to live, he will probably get more money playing for Bournemouth than for Celtic.

“But certainly it is not a footballing decision of advancing oneself.

“If you were going to advance yourself you should be playing for an established Premier League side, which is Burnley.

“Leaving Celtic, who are no doubt a far bigger footballing force than Bournemouth, who have a massive task on their hands with a new manager and a new Rangers who are being reinfused by the finances and Steven Gerrard winning the league, is a hell of a challenge.

“If he wanted a real challenge then winning that title back rather than maybe getting out of the Championship, for me, is a bigger footballing decision.”

3 thoughts on “Talksport shock jock blasts former Celtic star for leaving ‘footballing force’ for ‘soft option’”

  1. On the same topic Jim white said he was leaving a sinking ship has anybody been listening to the talk sport recently especially the one Jim white is presenting it is all about rangers and all negative about Celtic they must have paid the 25000 pound the rangers as asking the media for but not surprised when that clown white is presenting it

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