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Talksport motormouth makes unsurprising cup final prediction

You know why I love my club? Apart from the obvious, but I love it because it conducts it’s business in a professional and respectful manner.

Whilst Ange Postecoglou has been preparing our team for a cup final, Michael Beale has allowed himself and his players to get sucked into the media’s headline game.

Whilst our boss carries himself with dignity, theirs drags himself along the gutter with the journalist hacks by feeding them scraps for their headlines.

But what Beale doesn’t grasp, which Ange did from day one, is that that very same media will hang you out to dry the minute you don’t start producing results. That’s why until this day, Ange gives them nothing.

But irks me more is when some no mark pundit from England tries to stir the pot to get himself in the news. Especially those from Talksport.

That radio station is never done running down our game, never mind our club, but if there is a positive story about Rangers to peddle, those fans don’t care. They lap it up.

If any pundit from that station tipped us to win the final I would be telling them where to shove it. Especially Jamie O’Hara.

Speaking to Grosvenor Sport, the talkSPORT pundit said: “It’s a huge game, massive game, everyone loves these games, and I think it’s probably the biggest rivalry in the world. Both teams are in really good form, Michael Beale’s gone in there, and Rangers are flying.

“Celtic are flying, no one has let up, and I think it’s going to be a brilliant game to watch. I think Michael Beale coming in when he has at Rangers, they’re a little too far behind to catch Celtic in the league, but next season the league title is going to be up for grabs for sure.

“I think Celtic win the league this season, but if Rangers can nick the Scottish League Cup final, that says a lot about Michael Beale. If he comes straight in and wins a trophy it’ll be interesting to see how the future pans out.

O’Hara couldn’t pick out Ryan Kent even if he caught the Rangers winger in bed with his Mrs.

Their knowledge of our game is laughable at best. The minute we start listening to troll like O’Hara, we might as well just give up the ghost.

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