“Talking to people in and around the club” – Journalist reveals further background of McKay departure

As Celtic look for answers on the pitch to turn around their away form, some journalists are still looking for answers to the Dom McKay departure from Parkhead.

With many rumours swirling around the Celtic Park arena, one journalist has revealed more details about McKay’s ill fated spell at Paradise and it seems that there was failings from both parties and that the Celtic board did not take too kindly to being told they had done a bad job.

Speaking on the Record Podcast, journalist Mick Gannon said, “Talking to people in and around the club, it sounds as if the guy was in the wrong movie. I don’t think it was really working from both sides.

There’s always this talk about ‘Did he jump before he was pushed?’ and all that kind of stuff. I just don’t think it has worked out the way that they hoped.

I think his expertise was in areas in things like marketing and season tickets and that kind of stuff. Things like negotiating with clubs and contracts, maybe not so much.

He relied on the guys who are already at the club. So it was a tricky one.

I know there was talk about this thing of that Celtic need to modernise and all the rest of it. In fairness, if you’re sitting on that board and you hear this new guys saying ‘Right we need to modernise, we need to fix it‘ they would be thinking, ‘Well wait a minute. We’ve won twelve out of the last fifteen trophies. We’ve got £30m in the bank‘.

Okay last year it was a disaster but we’ve no really done that much wrong. We’re selling players for £15-£20 million.

So, if you’re part of that environment, you might think,’Oh, hold on a minute here. We’re not complete idiots. We have been operating a decent level for a long time, taking out last year’.”

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