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“Stealing patter is nothing, back in 2012 they stole a dead clubs identity”, “He’ll be calling journalists ‘mate’ next” – Celtic fans rinse Beale’s ‘we won’t stop’ war cry

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Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Or at least that is what people tell us.

It must be because I swear everything that mob across the city are doing right now it seems as if they are trying to be us.

Linked to Muscat, a Japanese manager. Bealball, whatever the F that is. 9 in a row. European Champions.

The only original idea they have ever had is being liquidated and, well, they can keep that.

But with Beale in the door two minutes, here he is, at it again, with this:

Beale said in this interview, “Me and Ross have always had a positive relationship because we have a massive enthusiasm for the game.

We’re almost like football nerds, we watch every game and know all the players. We won’t stop night and day to push this club forward.”


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I’m genuinely thinking about logging into YouTube and checking for a Mic’d Up video.

If this club ever had an original thought I have yet to see it.

No wait, I’m forgetting about liquidation:

I’ll leave it with this final one:

“Auchenhowie will be getting renamed Hogwarts at this rate” – Celtic fans react as media fawning over Beale reaches vomit inducing levels

I wrote a bit about this last night. The Daily Record’s Ryan Kent piece last night was genuinely one of the worst pieces of journalist I have ever read.

If you don’t believe me, read it here. You will see what I mean when you red it.

But over the last few days we have been subject to headlines like these:

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Like I said last night, it’s just cheap fanboy nonsense from a media in this country that has no backbone, no creativity and no credibility.

But it was this one that was the last straw for the Celtic fans:

I mean, if these guys are THAT good, if they can sprinkle magic everywhere they go, why are they at Rangers?

Why are they not at Real Madrid? Man City? Man United?

The media in this country do themselves no favour by fawning over that club the way they do.

It’s little wonder sites like mine and other great Celtic sites out there (see above) are flourishing.

Andy Halliday’s latest update on why Morelos is ‘struggling’ at Ibrox is just stunning

Andy Halliday. That man that knows everything you don’t need to know about football has delivered this outstanding update on why Alfredo Morelos is struggling for form at Rangers.

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“It might sound a bit silly, but a lot of it is down to he doesn’t speak fluent English and with Michael Beale being a Portuguese speaker he actually can speak to him. Can he get through to him that way. That’s the finer details. Can that help? Who knows.”

I know. It won’t as Alfie speaks Spanish, not Portuguese.

Brilliant insight from the former Rangers player now turned cheerleader.

I would respect Halliday more if he just spoke honestly about Morelos. The guys is a liability and has had chucked it.

I can see it, Gio saw it and so does every single Rangers fan.

If only Gio spoke fluent Spanish to get through to Alfie.

No, wait!

 “Misleading or deceptive conduct” – Trouble at Ibrox as £1.7m legal action taken against ‘The Rangers FC’

The Sydney Super Cup was a thorn in *Rangers side ever since the tournament was announced.

Billed as the Ange Homecoming Tour, the Ibrox fans were absolutely furious that not only was their own club playing second fiddle to a man they had backed for the sack last Christmas, they were also being paid far less money than our club for the priviledge.

Of course, they will deny that. They will claim that the ‘Old F*rm’ should never be used for a friendly match even though the Old F*rm died in 2012 but we all know the real reason why they didn’t want to take part.

Ange Postecoglou has them on strings. On and off the park.

And now, the inevitable has happened.

The cub is being SUED for £1.7m by the tournament organisers TEG Live Pty Ltd and Left Field Live Pty Ltd.

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And what is interesting is that the papers have been submitted as a ‘claim against The Rangers FC in Federal Court on Friday‘.

‘The’ Rangers FC. Why on earth would that be?

The report goes on to say, “The promoters claim they suffered loss and damage following the wrongful termination with Destination NSW reducing their core funding by £800,000 and loss of ticket sales as well as costs of marketing.

“They are claiming £1.7m in compensation, noting a clause in the agreement outlining Rangers should play unless a ‘force majeure event’ should occur such as governmental action, pandemic or severe weather.

“The court documents also claim Rangers engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct contrary to Australian Consumer Law.”

So not only did the failure to appear in the tournament cost them millions in lost revenue, they look as though they will need to PAY almost £2m for the privilege of saving their fans faces.

Brilliant isn’t it?

Chris Sutton reacts to Michael Beale appointment with ominous warning to Sevco fans

So, it has happened after all.

Michael Beale is the next manager Ange Postecoglou will be responsible for sacking next summer.

The Englishman was officially announced as Rangers TWELFTH boss in eleven years as the Glasgow club struggles to pull itself out of Celtic’s shadow.

Michael Beale was part of Steven Gerrard’s set up before this time last year, Aston Villa came calling to take him to the English Premiership.

And after dumping Villa to join QPR less than five months ago, Beale has now joined the Ibrox club with a ‘promise’ to the Rangers fans.

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A promise that Chris Sutton has used to warn the Rangers fans of:

And you know what, I’m not even going to bother reading what his solemn promise was.

I’m willing to bet it was something to do with a project and not walking away then signed off with WATP.

Probably not but it won’t be far off.

I just can’t understand this appointment. A three year deal for a manager they will need to pay off in less than a year?

It’s as if they have wads of cash to burn.

Better get back onto selling those £55 tops for the bargain price of £60.

“He’s the only man that can save us” – Code Blue as Sevco fan makes bizarre live radio plea

They really are a strange bunch these Rangers fans.

It’s been six months since the manager, the board and the players were the best thing since sliced bread and after a humping by Celtic and a humbling in the Champions League, the fans turned quickly and the scattergun was out taking no prisoners.

Gio is gone, half the team are out of contract in the summer and, now, it looks like the board are firmly in the fans’ sights.

But do they want a fresh change? Do they want to see a new investor brought into the club? Do they want a man or woman in charge that can set the club on a new course with a new vision?

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Don’t be so bloody daft.

This fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to tell us EXACTLY who the man is to take them forward:

“I just want I want to say to all my fellow Rangers fans, I want Rangers to fight to the death, right.

I don’t want them to give up on the league. Nine points is a big gap. Historically, it doesn’t usually get overturned.

I think it’s maybe happened once or twice in the last thirty years. I want this new man to try his best for these next few months because, let’s face it, it’s going to be difficult to win the league.

We can snatch the cups. The futures the most important for Rangers.

The recruitment, the new man, get the team playing well again and get the whole club up.

And another point, the only man that can save the whole situation as well is Dave King.

He needs to get rid of every other man on that board. He needs to come in on that AGM because he is the only man that can save us, plus a good manager.”

A couple of points. Mike Ashley. Castore. £5m. And Pedro Caixinha.

I’m with this guy! Bring him home!!

“We don’t class ourselves as bigots” – What happens next as classic Sevco video goes viral

The minute someone feels the need to declare that they are not bigots in a TV interview you just know that there is an inner demon just trying to break free.

*Rangers fans are notorious for it. They insult our intelligence by claiming the Billy Boys is no longer sang at Ibrox but it seems to be the song of choice whenever they stick the ball in the back of the net.

Unless I’ve got it wrong and they are singing ‘The Silly Boys’ but to the same tune?

Anyway, this classic video popped up and just proves that bigotry and sectarianism is in their souls.

This couple were being interviewed as part of, what I can only assume, was an anti bigotry documentary when this happended:

Like I said, bubbling under the surface just screaming to be let out.

It’s in their DNA. They just can’t help themselves. It’s sad really.

The media bottled it and missed the REAL Peter Grant/Sevco COVID story this morning

So I woke up this morning to the headlines that Peter Grant had raged at future Rangers gaffer, Michael Beale for, what essentially was, the Englishman whoring himself for the Ibrox whilst GvB was under pressure.

Grant lambasted the former Govan coach and said he had broken an ‘unwritten rule’ when he spoke to the press claiming he would have won the title with Gerrard last season had they both been in charge.

Absolute garbage in all honesty as Ange Postecoglou’s side were relentless. I don’t think even Rangers fan bought his nonsense.

It was a shameless attempt to sell himself to the fans whilst undermining GvB and if I was a Rangers supporter, I would be concerned that their future manager could be so cold.

But the press ran with the Peter Grant ‘unwritten rule’ story when, really, the real story was Grant publicly declaring what all Celtic fans already know.

Beale’s Rangers only won the league because there were no fans in the stadium during the COVID season.

Speaking on Go Radio, Grant said, “I just thought some of the comments are really strange at the same time.

Talking about if him and Steven Gerrard had still been there they would have won the league.

I cannot believe such a crazy comment. Remember they won the league because there was no supporters. That’s the bottom line.

“It’s easy to play without any fans. They won one trophy.”

That’s Grant on the banned list now!

“Wolves have not only dodged a bullet, they’ve won the lottery” – Journalist’s stunning rant at ‘new’ Ibrox gaffer that should serve as a warning to the Bears

Yes folks, it’s true.

The Banter Years are well and truly back and it is bloody marvellous.

Many would argue that they had never really left, but with what we have witnessed over the last week to ten days, events at Ibrox have just proven that that club is still as mad as a box of frogs.

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From the Return of the King (maybe) to wee Alfie checking out, the constant negative headlines from that club is just superb.

But this rant from journalist Nathan Judah is just absolutely first class.

As Michael Beale ‘agrees’ to become the new Rangers gaffer, Juday tweeted this belter:

Absolutely outstanding and if the Rangers fans think that he wouldn’t jump ship the minute another EPL club comes calling, they should think again.