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Kenny Miller wins the Positivity Cup after latest deranged Celtic comments

I’ve read some amount of guff from Kenny Miller over the years but this latest pile of nonsense takes the biscuit.

Miller, fresh from claiming “We won more points since Beale was appointed Cup” he has come our with more revisionist p*sh in his latest column.

“It doesn’t matter who becomes Celtic’s next manager. They’ll be facing a different animal across the city next season. I genuinely believe that. There’s something special brewing at Rangers. And in terms of a title race? Even now, I can see it being one of the tightest ever,” Miller wrote in his Daily Record column.

“This might sound strange after a year with no trophies. And that will never be acceptable. But towards the end of the campaign, there was a real air of positivity around Ibrox. The points gap at the top of the Premiership was less than it when Michael Beale was appointed.

“Now, he lost two massive Old F*rm cup games. I get that. They were decided on the finest of margins and it was Celtic’s year.

“They deserved their Treble because they were the best team in the country under Ange Postecoglou. But no-one can deny that Rangers were beginning to gather real momentum at the end.

For a start, the last two cup Glasgow Derby’s where not won under the “finest of margins”.

In the 1-0 win in the Scottish Cup semi final, Celtic won the match without ever getting out of second gear.

And in the League Cup Final, Celtic again were 2-0 up and cruising before Alfie scored in the 63rd minute but again, Celtic were rarely troubled and won the cup fairly comfortably.

But Miller can keep these fantasies going. If anything, they are amusing to the Celtic fans and for the Ibrox fans it feeds into their delusion that the gap between both clubs isn’t alll that bad.

And as for it not mattering who the next manager is? Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan, Neil Lennon, Brendan Rodgers and Ange Postecoglou are all proof that it bloody does well matter who the Celtic manager is. 

Just like liquidation, it’s the hope that kills them.

Rangers new signing makes Champions League claim Celtic fans will find hilarious

Away from the drama of Ange Postecoglou leaving Celtic, regular readers will know I like to keep a wee eye on the goings-on at our friends across the city.

Rangers are going through a rebuild at the moment and instead of investing money in the team, they are scrawling around for free agents.

They have managed to sign one up today in Jack Butland as the Englishman swapped the EPL for the SPFL.

When asked if the prospect of European football was a factor in him signing for the club, Butland said [Daily Record], “Massive, massive. I have not yet witnessed the crowd here but I have heard plenty of stories. Not just in the last 24 hours of being up here but from friends that I have known that supported the club for a long time or played with the club. That is what it is all about. I am looking forward to seeing that place rocking.

“That is what this club is about, those European nights. You want to be involved in them, you want to play in the Champions League.

“Pre-season is about getting off to a good start and those Champions League qualifiers are the target. It is about winning those games. There won’t be many teams that like coming here, I am not sure they will like playing here once we get going. That is certainly the target and what an honour to be a part of.”

Right, who wants to tell him? Did Butland watch Rangers in the Champions League last season?

Did he not witness Liverpool and Ajax scud his team to the point where they are now the worst performing team in the history of the Champions League?

Also, when those scuddings where going on, did he see the Ibrox crowd rocking? The place was half empty before the 70th minute.

But hey, I’m sure Butland will find out real soon just how good his supporters are when the results (which inevitability they will) go south and the team gets another lesson in Europe.

Popcorn anyone?

Rangers publicly embarrassed as Greek journalist reveals harsh reality for Michael Beale’s rebuild

A little break from the stress if talking about Ange Postecoglou, let’s all have a wee laugh at Rangers for now.

The Ibrox Revolution seems to be well under way as Michael Beale scours the world for, erm, free transfers.

For the last few weeks we have been hearing about Beale’s transfer targets and how they are going to revolutionise the Ibrox side.

But sometimes, just sometimes, to get the players you want, you have to pay a bit of cash for them.

And one of Rangers too targets seem to be put of reach for the Ibrox club as Greek journalist Giannis Chorianopoulos rather embarrassingly revealed tonight.

No intention if paying or can’t afford to pay? Both are one in the same. And there is only so many players you can get for free until you have to start paying money for them.

And looking at this tweet, it seems that Beale’s claim at the end of last season, (season ticket renewal time funnily enough), that he had the healthiest budget he’s ever seen at Rangers is just a pile of nonsense.

Because of that club was really serious about challenging us, the wouldn’t baulk at paying just over £3m for their top target.

Got to laugh at them right enough. Because if a dose of the truth doesn’t kill them, it will be the hope that they can catch us.

“Yer brother’s a Barbie”, “Rangers went bust” – Jordan Cantwell asked Celtic fans a question and they duly answered

This is one of those times that when someone with Rangers leanings tries to get in with both sides of the Glasgow clubs, they end up with egg on their faces.

And Jordan Cantwell will probably be regretting this one. The sibling of Rangers Tresemme model, Todd, Jordan Cantwell has tried, and failed, to become famous on Tiwtter off the back of his brother signing for Sevco.

And in an attempt to keep himself semi-relevant, he asked this on Twitter:

Straight away, you’re crying out for him to delete this but Cantwell was royally rounded on by the Hoops fans for his social media blunder.

All in good fun, I suppose but when you try and get a reputation for trolling the Celtic fans in Twitter, you need to be prepared to take it back: