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Panic at Ibrox after latest transfer rumour has club ‘scrambling’

Celtic Park

Is there going to be a fire sale at Ibrox this week?

There must be surely?

Why else would the club consider an €8m bid from clubs for Galactico striker Alfredo Morelos?

I bet they wished they’d taken that £30m bid from China now.

With wee Alfies contract expiring at the end of the new season, the Govan club are faced with either giving him a new deal (and a payrise), sell him, or lose him for nothing.


But it seems there is panic in the boardroom as the latest club looking to splash their billions on the striker looks to make their move.

According to Turkish media outlet, Fanatik, Besiktas as now looking to ‘interview’ Morelos to get him to join the club.

And it has caused so much panic at the club that Glasgow World said Ross Wilson is now ‘scrambling’ to find the best deal for the player.

No fee has been discussed but, obviously, it will be bids in excess of £20m right?

Obviously not but it will be fun to see the Ibrox meltdown if the man they said was better than Edouard goes for less than half the fee of the Frenchman.

That will be glorious!

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Another Sevco transfer fantasy bites the dust

Celtic Park

Remember when I wrote yesterday that Rangers will not spend a single penny this transfer window.

It seems that I was correct and right after I write this, I’m heading to the newsagents to stick on my lottery numbers for the Euromillions tonight.

The Ibrox club were linked with another Colombian this summer in Mateo Cassierra and whilst the Rangers fans got themselves all in a tizzy, there was absolutely no way a player of that calibre was going to join them.

With less than a year left on his contract at Sochi, and valued at over £4m, Cassierra’s form last season had made some of Europes top clubs sit up and take notice.

14 goals and 6 six assists in 26 appearances, the Colombian is also being courted by Zenith and in a statement today [HITC], the players agent confirmed that a deal had been struck with the Russian club, “Will Cassierra sign a contract with Zenit? We have agreed with the club,” says the 25-year-old’s agent, albeit while adding that the St Petersburg side are yet to submit an ‘official proposal’. 

For the hard of hearing on the south side, let me make it clear again, there will not be a penny spent this summer by your club!

And it must be painful for them sitting watching us strengthen and get out the chequebook!

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Alex McLeish uses Celtic’s latest signing to push same club lie
As predictable as they come! McLeish rolls out this tired old line! …
Roger Hannah makes bizarre transfer financial prediction if Jota signs
I genuinely don't get the point of this? Usual anti Celtic rubbish …
A Bola’s ‘coming days’ update is good news for Celtic fans
Not too long to wait now it seems! #CelticFC

The Daily Records latest hilarious pro Sevco Alfie piece is desperate stuff

Celtic Park

Darlin’ you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I’ll be here ’til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Did The Clash have magical soothsaying abilities that they wrote this song with the Buffalo in mind?

Never has a song been so apt for one man than this. Alfredo Morelos enters the last year of his contract the clamour to either try and sell him for £20m by the Scottish media or get him to stay is depressingly familiar.

And desperate.

After ‘news’ broke last week that Seville were ‘poised’ for a £20m move (yeah, I know) it’s now the turn of ex player soundbites pleading with the striker to stay. And why?

Because no one wants him. He’s not a team player and whilst his discipline has improved, there is always that wee niggle at the back of your barnet that given the right prod and poke, Alfie could explode and cost the team on the pitch.

The Daily Record didn’t disappoint today. They wheeled out Marco Negri with his ‘regrets’ about leaving the club too soon.

Only problem is, Alfie has been there for four long years. Negri couldn’t last one.

Negri eventually left Rangers after a falling out with Celtic hero, David Murray, who also stopped his wages whilst still an employee at the club. So quite why he would be begging a guy he doesn’t know to stay at the club is bewildering.

But that’s the media in Scotland. They need to put out these pro Rangers stories to curry favour with the club.

It’s embarrassing for them when you consider the disdain the Ibrox club holds them in.

But it was this little gem from Negri that showed me that this was an Ibrox fluff piece, “I realised how big the club was only after I signed.

“I remember my first game was the Nike Family Day, it was a training match between the squad – but more than 40,000 people showed up. It was incredible.

“I immediately knew it was a top club.

“Now it’s 25 years on and a lot of time has passed.

“I’m so happy the club is back at the top in Scotland and in Europe.”

Someone needs to remind him who won the league last season……..

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“Terrible decision”, “Questions need asked this is a shocking decision” – Follow Follow meltdown as they turn on another club legend

Ibrox Stadium

The fans are seriously the worst when it comes to talking about their players and past players.

*Rangers fans, for all their bluster about being ‘loyal’ (which is ironic as every supporters club has that word in their name) don’t have any issue on turning on the club or players when it suits them.

Now I get it, they are frustrated at the club for not spending all of those billions of pounds earned in Europe last season. But as I explained yesterday, there will be no money spent again at Ibrox.

So what do they need to do? Rummage the free transfers bin and re-sign current players.

Players like Alan McGregor.

The goalie seemed to have been forgiven for walking away when the club died back in 2012. He was revered as a hero over the last couple of seasons for his heroics (yeah, I know) in the league and Europe.

So you would think, at least, the fans would be happy that he’s sticking around for another season right? Wrong.

After the club announced the deal, not only did the fans lambast it on Twitter, they took to Follow Follow to show their feelings.

And boy, it wasn’t great!

And finally, it seems to be, eventually, kicking in with some of them. They are skint!

German media rubbish latest Sevco transfer fantasy

Ibrox Stadium

I genuinely wonder when the penny will drop with mob.

For all the bluff and bluster of what they earned in the Europa League last season, the *Rangers fans will need to make peace with one simple fact this season.

They will not spend any money again this window.

How do I know? Look at their previous losses in the last 10 years. £100m. In ten years. For one trophy.

Now they can kid themselves on all they want but there is absolutely no way that none of those losses is debt. Do they seriously think that their Directors plugged in all that cash for confetti shares?

No chance. They will want some of that money recouped and pronto.

Which explains the clubs current signing policy. Contract extensions for Davis, Arfield and McGregor who are all on the wrong side of 30 coupled with chasing ‘Bosmans’ all adds up to one thing. No money will be spent. Again.

The latest transfer rumour [HITC] that the club were trying to sign German u21 star Eric Martel is just fantasy stuff. Contract expires this month (there’s that phrase again) it seems that he is heading to his homeland to sign with mega money club RB Leipzig.

Xavi Simons is another one. Contract expiring with PSG, linked to Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I wonder where he will end up?

Ross Stewart from Sunderland. Top goalscorer. Linked with the club. How much do goalscorers in England go for again? Even in the second tier? Millions.

Millions that Rangers will not spend.

It’s time for a reality check with their fans. These stories are out there to appease them and when the end of August hits and they’ve signed no one of note, cue the shock horror from the Govan stands.

They can’t say they weren’t warned!

“Horrified”, “Becoming concerning”, “Attention seeking fud” – Reality bites Sevco fans hard at latest announcement

Celtic Park

I find them a strange bunch, these Newco supporters.

They never seem to question anything until it’s too late.

They are following the same path they went down whilst supporting the old Rangers.

£13m on Tore Andre Flo? ‘We arra peepo!

And when they went into administration then died? ‘How the f*** did that happen?

And it seems lessons have still not been learned.

After all the talk of them earning $1b from their super, duper amazing run in Europes second tier competition, the fans were expecting the club to splash the cash this summer.

So far? Nothing. Not a peep. And they are surprised at that which is incredible because it’s as if they’ve forgotten that the club have raked up over £100m in losses for two trophies and the ‘We nearly won the Europa League’ Cup.

So when they start to re-sign current squad players, does the penny drop? Kind of, but not in they way you would think.

Rather than question why the club have gave new contracts to players over 35 years old and not spending money replacing them, they talk about where they will fit in the first team:


Absolutely bizarre! But, let them carry on. We’ll continue to build our club for the future whilst they still revel in the past.

“Mate just sit down, you salivate every time you hear a flush”, “Comes with a free burst beach ball” – Sevco fans embarrassing money making scheme rinsed

Main stand and Jock Stein Stand, Celtic Park

It was only a matter of time before something like this cam out to be fair.

The pain and hurt of the Europa League Final loss was quickly follow followed by the pain and hurt of stomach cramps as a result of drinking toilet water.

But nothing will compare to the pain that this next money making venture will bring.

Replica Europa League losers medals.

Why on earth anyone would buy one of these is beyond me.

I can’t even watch reruns of the 2003 UEFA Cup Final never mind stoating about with one of these round my neck!

And it was (deservedly so) rounded on and mocked by the Celtic fans:

Can’t wait to see the first profile picture appear on Facebook with fans posing with these round their necks!

“Go find a job ya c***” – BBC journalist’s abuse for latest Sevco transfer update

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

Got to love them. They show no loyalty to anyone but expect the same back at will.

I am of course talking about the *Rangers supporters.

They are genuinely never a happy bunch.

And when it comes to negative news about their club, hell mend the guy that breaks it.

Like this journalist here.

After tweeting this transfer update on Erik Botheim (who, let’s be honest was NEVER going to Ibrox):

Fletcher received all sorts of abuse from the Ibrox support:

You wonder why these journalists bother with that club!

“I’m no saying they’re crooked” – Listen to moonhowling Sevco fan on fixture list

Ibrox at Broomloan Road

They are always moaning about something this lot aren’t they?

If it’s not the drinkability of toilet water it’s the sponsors of the league.

You just can’t keep them happy.

Now the bears are raging again. But what could they possibly be raging about?

The won their legal battle with Cinch. They can put that verdict on their mantle piece with the ‘We Almost Won the Europa League’ Cup and the ‘We Might Get £20m For Bassey’ trophy.

Well it’s the fixture list of course. This fan called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard with this complaint:

He almost went into the realms of conspiracy there didn’t he and when Roger Hannah suggested that, quite simply, someone had to go, that tipped him over the edge:

And they say we are paranoid?

These fans are permanently raging. They are always complaining about something in Scotland.

It’s time they just STFU and got on with being the second best team in Glasgow.

“I dislike the IRA songs at Celtic games” – Top Celtic blogger on Compston row and slams anti sectarian charity

Celtic Park

I like James Forrest’s site The Celtic Blog.

He has the ability to look at issues surrounding the game in Scotland and speak of them through Celtic eyes like no other blogger does.

You can read a selection of his material here.

But in his latest piece, he takes aim at these ‘songs’ that are sung at Celtic Park and slams anti sectarian charity Nil by Mouth for their ‘intervention’ in the Martin Compston saga.

James writes, “I dislike the IRA songs at Celtic games.

“I positively loathe the add-ons to otherwise normal tunes, which are moronic beyond belief. Those which have been attached to Celtic songs are particularly ignorant and momentously stupid; Willie Maley certainly did not give us “the IRA” in any way, shape or form and to me only someone stone stupid would sing that line.”

As do I. These songs serve no purpose than to give that lot from Govan the opportunity to throw mud at the club, however misguided their reasons are.

But it was James’ damning indictment of Nil by Mouth that resonated with me and will also do with a lot of Celtic fans, “But Nil By Mouth accomplished nothing today with their comments to The Record except to help that paper sell copies and to remind people that their organisation exists at all.

“Other than that, I cannot think of one other thing they achieved.

If they were mothballed, Scotland would not even miss them.

When the Orange Walks are parading through this city this weekend not a single Catholic will feel better for knowing they are “on the case” because, to be blunt, I don’t know anyone who thinks they are.

And he is 100% spot on. Their selective outrage makes a mockery of the charity.

They would have been better advised to say nothing yesterday because that’s what their comments ultimately achieved.

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