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“I wish Gary Lineker was still on strike” – Celtic fans rinse BBC Sportscene’s analysis of Celtic flashpoints

You know what I love about the game in this country?

The fact that, like referees, our pundits are all impartial with no ties to the Glasgow club that resides in Govan.

It really is what makes our game special and maintain it’s credibility in world football.


What do you mean 90% of referee’s are Rangers fans and the pundits on the radio and telly are mostly retired Ibrox players???

Who would have thunk it eh?

Of course, I am being sarcastic, but like the referees in this country, the pundits just cannot see past their own bias to give an informed view or opinion on Celtic games. And that’s because most of them are ex-Rangers players.

I don’t care who you support but you cannot sit and tell me that when you are commenting on a team that is your biggest rival, you are not going to be bias in your views. Of course you will.

I do it. I’m a Celtic fan and I see the game through Celtic eyes but at least I can admit it. Which makes the BBC coverage of Celtic games a joke in this country.

Watch three ex-Ibrox players attempt to give their unbiased views on the Youan yellow cards:

The second booking, I’ll concede, was harsh but give me peace about the first one. That’s probably closer to a red than a yellow to be honest.

The punditry in this game is gone. I highlight it often enough on my YouTube channel.

It’s not just the refereeing that needs an overhaul in this country, the punditry does too.

Deranged Sevco forum’s 48 hours of anti-Celtic bitter hatred

Regular readers of my site will know I frequent the dark halls of Follow Follow just to get a funny story from the idiots of Scottish football.

Sometimes you have to wade through the absolute sh*te, bile and hatred to get a decent story of them talking absolute mince about transfers and how close to us they are and who they are the people etc etc…….

But over the last 48 hours, the administrator of the site has felt the need to post the most utter deranged nonsense I have ever seen from the site.

Every story from over twenty years ago and every thread filled with hate filled replies that benefit no one. Even the site.

If the site is in the business of making money from clicks then it is failing. And badly.

5k clicks from seven threads of hate may sound a lot, but in reality it is not.

I suppose we should be thankful that not many of the members of the forum decided that Dingwall’s hatred was worth getting into (surprisingly).

But what it does show is that site, and it’s management, will abandon any morals they may have had in order to make a quick buck or two.

The media completely missed Charlie Nicholas’ point today

Sometimes I wonder if the media in this country just play dumb or are actually just that.

Looking at how they conduct themselves with their sensationalist headlines and clickbait garbage, I reckon they are smarter than what we give them credit for. But not smarter in a good way.

Charlie Nicholas made a couple of good points in his column today but instead of highlighting those, the media went with the fear that Kyogo and Hatate might want to leave Celtic over this.

As reported by the Glasgow Times, Nicholas said, “I am mystified with the way Japan boss Hajime Moriyasu has seemingly canned the pair. It really is a big surprise, as I regularly watch Hatate and Kyogo.

“I mean, why did he have them in his squad before the World Cup? He looked happy with them but then left the duo behind for Qatar.

“While he seems to have faith in another Celtic star, Daizen Maeda – which is understandable – he now appears to have dismissed Hatate and Kyogo as squad members.

“So, if Japan coach Moriyasu doesn’t think they are good enough, what level do they need to get to? Of course, as a huge fan of both, I think they should be in his squad.

“Yes, I realise Japan did well in terms of their set-up at the World Cup – but Kyogo and Hatate would offer them so much more quality. Maybe the coach prefers to play defensively and hit on the counter.

The fact that both players are clearly deserving of a call up but are not is what should be in question here. That and the fact that our game has been absolutely trashed by Moriyasu.

But instead, the media in their infinite wisdom decided to focus on an overhyped ‘transfer’ story.


Celtic legend shares class Lisbon Lions advice

The Lisbon Lions will go down as one of the greatest, if not the, greatest football team in Scottish football history.

1967 is a year in Celtic’s history that will be told across many generations of supporters as Billy McNeill and Co swept up domestically every trophy available and became the Champions of Europe.

A truly monumental feat that will never be repeated again.

But not only were they great footballers, they were fantastic human beings. And Kenny Dalglish shared a story of what it was like coming through the Celtic ranks amongst these giants of Paradise.

Speaking in The Scotsman, Dalglish revealed, “It was the same when I was 17 (at Celtic).

“Danny McGrain was 18, and we trained with the first team. Everyone just trained together.

They were brilliant with us, like calming you down and encouraging you. They were the Lisbon Lions.

They won five trophies in the one season, didn’t they?!”

The stories of kindness and openness of the Lions will always be remembered and told of those that were fortunate enough to meet them.

I wasn’t as fortunate but whenever a Celtic legend, or a fan for that matter, recalls a meeting with them, just watching them tell the story of the encounter shows you the amount of reciprocal respect there was.

Celtic supporting BBC pundit makes brutally honest VAR claim fans have been talking about for months

Right, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this guy will not be invited back onto Sportsound anytime soon.

As VAR hits the headlines once more, the microscope of the media descends once more and as we look at the decisions over the weekend, Jim McInally was clearly fed up with the new technology as he made this claim on live radio.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, McInally said, “I pay my money. I’ve got season tickets for for Celtic and I would like to know how many people in Scotland, the paying public, actually want VAR.

Because, for me, everybody thought it was going to define the game and and get everything right.

And it’s not just in Scotland.

I mean if you watch English football as well, it’s not nearly getting it right and as it’s just taking away the spectacle of the game.

“I’ve been to five games on the trot here where every time Celtic score a goal there is a VAR check.

“And it just takes away from the whole show.”

I was also at the St Mirren game at Celtic Park when we won 4-0 and it seemed at the time that the VAR officials were actively looking for reasons to chop off the goals rather than use it for it’s purpose.

To spot clear and obvious errors.

The whole system is a joke and requires an overhaul. That and impartial referees but we all know that’s not going to happen.

“He’s a bad player. Dafty” – Hugh Keevins’ incredible attack on Celtic star. His agenda is very clear

To be honest, I am getting sick, fed up of people continually berating and abusing Carl Starfelt.

If you were to listen to people like Hugh Keevins on Superscoreboard every day (and some Celtic fans to be fair) you would think he was the spawn of Raphael Scheidt and not a defender that is part of the meanest backline two seasons in a row.

Check out the news from all the Celtic blogs across the web HERE

The big Swede has come under constant criticism from Keevins and even after being part of a double winning side and potential treble winner, the experienced journalist just can’t help himself but criticise him.

Speaking during Saturday’s Superscoreboard show, Keevins took every opportunity he could to claim Celtic will not win the game but to also take a pop at Carl Starfelt after the big defender gave away a penalty, “Well he’s a bad player for me. He’s always got a big mistake in him. You have regular calls from Celtic supporters who acknowledge the fact that he is, in football parlance, a bombscare.

When it was pointed out that more Celtic fans call the show to defend him than criticise, it didn’t stop Keevins continuing his one man slaughter show, “Yeah well, but he’s given away an absolutely needless penalty kick. Celtic with 11 men and Hibs with 10, this has dafty written all over it.”

Talk about disrespect. And here is where I have a burning issue with this type of language.

If you are going to use it, you need to be consistent with it. I have never in my time heard Hugh speak about any other professional in the game the same way he speaks about Starfelt.

He has a one man agenda against the Celtic player.

He has also falsely claimed that Celtic fans can’t wait to see Kobayashi replace Starfelt in the starting line up, and even that drew an incredible reactions from his fellow pundits.

Keevins is meant to be impartial. He’s meant to offer an informed opinion. The only thing he is informing me of is that he clearly has an agenda against Starfelt and it is one his employers need to address with him.

Keevins and Dalziel slaughter Kyogo for ‘absolute sitter’

Ok, let’s get this straight from the beginning. Nailing my colours to the mast, Kyogo’s chance against Hibs was anything BUT a sitter.

Yes, it was a miss, but to claim that he missed a sitter couldn’t be any further from the truth. Before I explain why, take a look at the chance below:

If you look at the flight of the ball from the first replay you could see it’s trajectory was decreasing meant that it would have been difficult for the Japanese striker to make a clean connection.

Also, the Hibs defender left him a bit unsighted so it was instinctive from Kyogo to try and score with whatever means he had at his disposal. It has worked before, it just didn’t come off this time.

Discussing Kyogo’s miss as it played out live on Superscoreboard, Dalziel said, “I think he’s got to score. I don’t know why he’s chesting it.

I have no idea why he’s trying to chest that into the back of the net.

I’m not trying to tell Kyogo how to score goals but I would be disappointed as a centre forward not to put my head on that and not and put it in the back of the net and I don’t know what he’s thinking.

I don’t know if he’s reacted too late to it. That for me, for him with his class, that is an absolute sitter for me.”

When asked if he was in agreement, Hugh Kevins said, “Yeah, I think that is an absolute sitter. I have no idea why he decides to chest the ball.”

Keevins spent the entirety of the show slaughtering the club and predicting dropped points so it’s not really surprising from him, but from Dalziel, who was a striker himself, those comments are disappointing.

Deranged Ibrox side asks if Rangers could ‘move’ for once rated £100m, FIVE time Champions League winner

As far as laughs go, when it comes to the Ibrox blogging community, they do not half talk one load of p*sh.

From fanciful dreams of spending millions in the transfer market to genuinely believing they have ‘won’ 55 titles and are the most successful club in the world, the levels of delusion and stupidity that surrounds the writers in their sites is incredible.

And whilst they languish under the watchful eye of UEFA and their FFP microscope, one deranged site asked could Rangers sign a Spaniard that was once valued at £100m.

The site? Ibrox Noise. The player? Isco.

I mean where do these guys come up with this nonsense from?

Even if they were not being eyed by UEFA, the Ibrox board are refusing to deal in Morelos and Kent due to wage demands so what makes them think they have the cash to fund this move?

The best part of the article? This: “We’re sure plenty of our ‘enlightened’ fans will mock this article but they would have mocked the same article about Ramsey before we signed him too, because he was well beyond us.

“But sometimes these big signings do happen, and Isco is one prime to prove himself.

“At Ibrox?

“Probably not, but you never know.”

So not only did they have a go at their readership and claim they will rubbish the story, they actually rubbished it themselves in the last line of the article.

There is a great saying that if you give an infinite amount of monkeys access to an infinite amount of typewriters they could write out Shakespeare’s complete works.

I think that this piece from Ibrox Noise disproves that theory.

He never learns. Listen as Hugh Keevins makes another hilarious anti-Celtic prediction

Ahhhhh you have to love this, don’t you?

The minute Hugh Keevins opens his mouth you just know that that the exact opposite is going to happen.

The truth is though, the guy never learns.

How many times is Keevins going to make these ludicrous predictions before he is taken off the air because his desperation for Celtic to fail during a game is not even funny now.

Listen to this:

It’s starting to get embarrassing. If it wasn’t already.

Just before Oh’s brilliant goal to put Celtic 2-1 up, Keevins said this:

You would think he would know better.

Even I knew that with fifteen minutes to go, even though we played absolute dug sh*t, we would fashion a few chances.

Not Shug though. He continues to bang the anti-Celtic drum in the hope that he gets at least one correct.

Not this time Shug. Or ever if your track record is anything to go by!

“I was at the AGM” – Rangers fan sets the record straight on who is to blame for ticket allocation mess

Am I surprised at this? Of course not.

We all know how this ticketing stupidty started.

Rangers were fed up watching us have a party at Ibrox and then cut our allocation.

That’s the story we all tell ourselves anyway isn’t it?

Turns out, it’s 100% bang on. Not that it needed verified.

As the pundits on Superscoreboard spent the whole night skirting around the issue, the very first caller on last nights show absolute nailed who is to blame and it won’t go down well with his fellow bears.

Have a watch of this: