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Kris Boyd makes early season Celtic flashpoint admission as Motherwell manager sees the Ibrox advantage Celtic fans have been seeing for months

We all knew it at the time, didn’t we?

As VAR gives Rangers yet another advantage this afternoon at First Park, the Sakala run that led to the Ibrox sides third goal just minutes after Motherwell equalised was subject to a VAR check.

This is what the refs in the van saw:

VAR called it onside even when the evidence says otherwise and this reminded us of a goal that was disallowed earlier in the season when Jota always adjudged to be offside with pictures less conclusive than the one above.

But was Jota really offside?

Not according to Kris Boyd.

Take a look at this:

But regarding the goal against his club, the Motherwell manager was not happy.

Kettlewell raged, “I’m not calling anyone out – I just need clarity. For the third goal, it looks like our player Dan Casey is the blue line which is behind the red line of Sakala, from the pictures I’ve seen. It looks like Sakala is offside.

I’m not hammering the system but it’s a big goal at an important time.”

Welcome to our world mate. Welcome to our world…….