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Rangers chances of catching Celtic dealt a blow as top transfer target says ‘No’

As Celtic plan for the summer under Brendan Rodgers, Rangers are planning to play catch up with their summer rebuild.

The Ibrox club have been linked with various players being  added to their squad 

But one of them won’t be Cyriel Dessers, according to reports in Italy. The forward from Belgium has been widely regarded as the player Beale wants to assist replace departing players like Alfredo Morelos. But according to reports from Italy, things appear to have hit a roadblock.  

According to Calcio Mercato via the Daily Record, the Cremonese forward has rejected Rangers. In light of the rising attention, it is said that the 28-year-old “would prefer to stay in Italy.” This month, it was reported that Torino might be involved in trying to buy Dessers.

But wherever he ends up, it’s not with the Rangers. It’s a setback for Beale and his aspirations of strengthening the forward areas.

With Morelos now officially left the club, Beale is left Antonio Conakry, who he clearly doesn’t fancy, and Kemar Rooney who has spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch.

Aw well, Beale needs to move onto his plan B and find another freebie to help build his challenge to Celtic.

Rangers publicly embarrassed as Greek journalist reveals harsh reality for Michael Beale’s rebuild

A little break from the stress if talking about Ange Postecoglou, let’s all have a wee laugh at Rangers for now.

The Ibrox Revolution seems to be well under way as Michael Beale scours the world for, erm, free transfers.

For the last few weeks we have been hearing about Beale’s transfer targets and how they are going to revolutionise the Ibrox side.

But sometimes, just sometimes, to get the players you want, you have to pay a bit of cash for them.

And one of Rangers too targets seem to be put of reach for the Ibrox club as Greek journalist Giannis Chorianopoulos rather embarrassingly revealed tonight.

No intention if paying or can’t afford to pay? Both are one in the same. And there is only so many players you can get for free until you have to start paying money for them.

And looking at this tweet, it seems that Beale’s claim at the end of last season, (season ticket renewal time funnily enough), that he had the healthiest budget he’s ever seen at Rangers is just a pile of nonsense.

Because of that club was really serious about challenging us, the wouldn’t baulk at paying just over £3m for their top target.

Got to laugh at them right enough. Because if a dose of the truth doesn’t kill them, it will be the hope that they can catch us.

“My information is” – Phil Mac on Sevco’s transfer budget next season; they’re in serious trouble

After being knocked out of the Scottish Cup by Celtic and finishing the season trophyless, Rangers boss Michael Beale has a hell if a rebuild job on his hands.

I don’t care what he calls it. Revamp, rebuild, whatever it is it’s going to take a lot of money not to get close to us, but just to fix his team.

They have already shown that they can’t match us on the park and if it wasn’t for a few favourable VAR decisions, they would have dropped many more points before now.

And the rebuild, in my opinion, is going to cost tens if millions of pounds. And they just don’t have it.

In fact, according to Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain, they barely have half of that.

In his most recent blogrecent blog, Phil said:

Rangers transfer budget

£5m plus and very little to add on from sales. Not that there is much to add into the pot as many of their “top talents” are out of contract at the end of the season.
It looks like Celtic are on course for yet another extended period of domestic dominance. Magic isn’t it?

Rangers fan’s hilarious claim that club should try and get £100k per week Everton star

I’ve heard it all now. It seems these peepo never learn.

After the shambles of Aaron Ramsey and Joey Barton, is seems that some of the Rangers supporters are still keen on spunking whatever little money their club has up a close.

This Rangers fan called The Go Radio Football Show to ask this, “An idea just popped into my head.

It’s a bit out there and you might talk about finances but bear with me.

Delle Ali, is obviously on loan from Everton to Besiktas.

He’s going through a hard time at the moment and I’m just wondering with Michael Beale going down the English market and looking for someone a bit high profile.

Just as a one off, he’s a talented guy. He’s obviously going through a bad patch but  surely there’s some talent there.

We’ve done the same with Todd Cantwell and I’m just thinking could he maybe reignite his career in a high pressured environment?”

Outstanding isn’t it and a clear indication that these fans live in a completely different planet to the rest of us.

I hope they do it. He is mince. The money they’ll throw at that will make their brand new share issue completely and utterly redundant.