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“I’ve never seen such turd polishing in all my time”, “Didn’t you say he was Rangers Messi” – Celtic fans obliterate Daily Record’s Kent fluff piece

Out of all the nonsense I read about Rangers in the media, this must be the most sycophantic piece of succulent lamb this week.

After having to put up with Mick Beale’s ridiculous praise for Alfie “losing a couple of pounds” here we have the Daily Record trying to tell us that Ryan Kent leaving on a free is a “blessing”.

How on God’s green earth one of your most sellable assets leaving on a free a good thing?

At a time where the club raised yet another confetti issue, the media should be asking what the hell is going on at Ibrox.

You could absolutely bet on it that if this was Celtic, a hearse would be on its way to Parkhead alongside headlines with cracked badges.

But yet, the compliant media keep on clapping away. But us? Celtic fans? We just keep pointing and laughing whilst we rake in trophies and millions in transfer fees.

More Ibrox headlines as £7m compensation claim taken to Supreme Court

The banter years continue as new court action from a complainant who was wrongfully accused of fraud during the Craig White Ibrox days has decided to take his case the the Supreme Court.

Businessman, David Greer was accused by police of participating in fraudulent activities with Craig Whyte and using Ticketus cash to obtain finance to buy the old club.

Whyte and Greer where both acquitted which led to the 60 year old opening up a £7m compensation claim against Scottish prosecutors.

As reported by The Herald, Mr Grier, said: “I’m unfortunately not surprised that the Inner House have refused to allow us to appeal to the Supreme Court. 

However, we do intend to take the matter directly to the Supreme Court.” 

Although not directly involved in the claim, the Ibrox club could do without their name being linked to more negative headlines especially after the clubs fans conduct after the Glasgow Derby defeat, the women’s coach being banned for a headbutt on Fran Alonso AND Ross Wilson jumping ship to Nottingham Forest.

Some people thought the banter years were over when Mike Ashley allegedly left the Ibrox building. To me, it looks like they are beginning all over again.

Gordon Duncan explains Scottish Cup ticket pricing. Celtic not to blame

Of course, we all know Celtic are not to blame. We all know that but if you were to look at the media narrative over the pricing of the Scottish Cup semi final tickets, you would be forgiven for thinking that both Glasgow clubs set up a price fixing racket.

That couldn’t be further from the truth so let’s see what the real issue is surrounding the pricing and it was perfectly explained by Clyde 1 radio host, Gordon Duncan.

Speaking on Superscoreboard, Duncan said, “For a Falkirk v Inverness game to be thirty eight quid is mind blowing.

To me, to you, to the people listening, to the Falkirk and Inverness fans and for most fans neutrals it just feels wrong. It feels like that and I will always stick up for fans who want cheaper ticket prices.

Having said that, as we know, the rule is there that both semi finals have to be priced the same.

Now the truth is, you could charge 150 quid a ticket for the Rangers v Celtic game and it would still sell out.

Naturally, you’re not gonna go that far. I’m taking it to the extremes.

And the ticket revenue for the two semis is split amongst the four clubs.

So whilst Falkirk v Inverness, the ticket price is high, those clubs are then going to benefit from the 38 quid because Rangers and Celtic will sell out the day before.

So again, there’s a problem there for sure. It seems like to to everyone that thirty eight quid to watch a league one team and a championship team seems like a lot.

But again, if you’re Falkirk and Inverness, you have to assume they’re happy with that.”

So it turns out it’s not just Celtic and Rangers that are looking for a payday.

Who would have thunk it, eh?

Celtic fans absolutely nails Sevco’s ‘standards’ lie

Do you remember when Beale and Co went all honourable and let Partick Thistle score a tap in to ‘uphold the standards’ of their club?

Remember it? Of course you do. Because it was splashed all over every media outlet, twitter news feed and radio phone in’s for the last two weeks.

It was a sickening love in, when in truth, we all know that the only standards that lot uphold is to win at all costs.

The reaction of a packed Ibrox told it’s own story. The reaction on social media where Rangers fans were genuinely calling for Beale’s head was the true reflection of that clubs ‘standards’.

And if you were ever in any doubt that they have no standards at all and that they are pettiest f*cking club in Scotland, this Celtic fan sums it up perfectly:

And let’s not forget that Hampden also started emptying five minutes before full time when their team only needed one goal to equalise to take the final to extra time.

This is the exact same support that burns their football tops after a poor result and volleys all manner of abuse to their manager.

Standards? Don’t make me laugh.