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Gordon Duncan explains Scottish Cup ticket pricing. Celtic not to blame

Of course, we all know Celtic are not to blame. We all know that but if you were to look at the media narrative over the pricing of the Scottish Cup semi final tickets, you would be forgiven for thinking that both Glasgow clubs set up a price fixing racket.

That couldn’t be further from the truth so let’s see what the real issue is surrounding the pricing and it was perfectly explained by Clyde 1 radio host, Gordon Duncan.

Speaking on Superscoreboard, Duncan said, “For a Falkirk v Inverness game to be thirty eight quid is mind blowing.

To me, to you, to the people listening, to the Falkirk and Inverness fans and for most fans neutrals it just feels wrong. It feels like that and I will always stick up for fans who want cheaper ticket prices.

Having said that, as we know, the rule is there that both semi finals have to be priced the same.

Now the truth is, you could charge 150 quid a ticket for the Rangers v Celtic game and it would still sell out.

Naturally, you’re not gonna go that far. I’m taking it to the extremes.

And the ticket revenue for the two semis is split amongst the four clubs.

So whilst Falkirk v Inverness, the ticket price is high, those clubs are then going to benefit from the 38 quid because Rangers and Celtic will sell out the day before.

So again, there’s a problem there for sure. It seems like to to everyone that thirty eight quid to watch a league one team and a championship team seems like a lot.

But again, if you’re Falkirk and Inverness, you have to assume they’re happy with that.”

So it turns out it’s not just Celtic and Rangers that are looking for a payday.

Who would have thunk it, eh?

Celtic fans absolutely nails Sevco’s ‘standards’ lie

Do you remember when Beale and Co went all honourable and let Partick Thistle score a tap in to ‘uphold the standards’ of their club?

Remember it? Of course you do. Because it was splashed all over every media outlet, twitter news feed and radio phone in’s for the last two weeks.

It was a sickening love in, when in truth, we all know that the only standards that lot uphold is to win at all costs.

The reaction of a packed Ibrox told it’s own story. The reaction on social media where Rangers fans were genuinely calling for Beale’s head was the true reflection of that clubs ‘standards’.

And if you were ever in any doubt that they have no standards at all and that they are pettiest f*cking club in Scotland, this Celtic fan sums it up perfectly:

And let’s not forget that Hampden also started emptying five minutes before full time when their team only needed one goal to equalise to take the final to extra time.

This is the exact same support that burns their football tops after a poor result and volleys all manner of abuse to their manager.

Standards? Don’t make me laugh.

The Rangers penalty that was given v The Livingston one that was not. Is the game bent? You decide

The problem with refereeing in this country, apart from the fact that it is shockingly bad, is the lack of consistency when it comes to awarding penalties.

One club seems to have lady luck smiling on them and the sharpest set of eyes on VAR every time there is a hint or a whiff of one whilst others, well, they’re just “unlucky”.

“Penalty Rangers” is a trending joke in Scottish football. Not just from Celtic fans, but the whole of Scottish football.

And when you look at the penalty Livingston where denied yesterday:

And compare it to this:

The lack of consistent refereeing is palpable.

Look, the letter of the law, Rangers penalty is a penalty. It’s soft, but it’s a penalty alll the same. But so is Livingston’s claim.

It’s little wonder fans in Scotland believe the Ibrox up have an instant advantage before they even take to the pitch because, clearly, they have.

“What a walloper”, “Drug test” – Celtic fans roast Ibrox new boys first press conference

God loves a trier eh? And in the case of the Rangers new boy, he certainly did try hard. Maybe a bit too hard.

Here are his comments regarding winning the title this season:

I’m all for having a bit of competition. I’m also all for a little bit of needle when it comes to setting targets on winning trophies etc…..but the boy is only in the door two minutes and he’s starting to sound like Michael Beale.

Referring to Celtic as “them” has certainly ingratiated himself to the lowest common denominator in that support and I swear that there is someone inside Ibrox that gives these poor blokes an Idiots Guide to Pleasing The Huns.

Which is a shame because it seems like he is a nice bloke.

If these guys done their talking on the pitch rather than in the media, maybe they would have more than two trophies to their names.

“He was a very angry *Rangers fan” – Listen to Sevco fan rant as Beale, Tav and McGregor get ripped into

Doesn’t take much to get the peepo from the sequel to rage does it?

The slightest mention of liquidation and they go absolutely tonto.

But this guy, he was angry for many other different reasons.

He was unhappy with the manager for his lack of transfer activity. He predicted a short Rangers career for Beale as well.

McGregor was told to hang up his boots and he labelled Tav as ‘atrocious’.

Have a listen:

Quite the rant from a very angry bear. It seems that the *Rangers support are really losing patience with their inactivity off the pitch and the team struggling on it.

Even today, with St Johnstone down to ten men for well over an hour, they only managed to capitalise on it by scoring one more goal in their 2-0 win.

I suppose if I was them and I was watching Ange Postecoglou’s team wipe the floor with the opposition and continue to add to the squad whilst raking in millions in transfer fees, I would get rather frustrated.

But that is what they do. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. For a support that has only seen their team win one league in ten years, they really need to take a hard dose of reality and remember this.

They will forever be, and always have been, in our shadow.

“It’s a rigged game”, “A breathtaking cover up” – Celtic fans react to Sevco share owning Sheriff after producing a ‘dishonest & misleading’ report on Ibrox takeover

That club, the people connected to it and the whole place in general is as mad as a box of frogs.

You don’t have to wait too long to wait for a story to come along and it either makes you laugh or shake your head at how it manages to get itself involved in all the mental stuff it does.

Mike Ashley, Sports Director, Pedro Caixinha, £100m in losses and brown brogues and blazers, it’s incredible how they manage to tag themselves onto incredible headlines that make them look bloody stupid.

But somehow they manage it. And here is another cracker.

Quite incredible. And it is a report that will cost the tax payer close to £100m.

How is this guy getting away with it. And Scot-free?

It looks like there is systemic and endemic corruption within our game and it stinksto high heaven.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans, no, Scottish footballer fans have had enough of that club and it’s deceased half relative.

The old Rangers will be spinning in it’s grave whilst the new one costs the public purse many millions more.

And this is the most pertinent point of them all:

“Stop lying”, “This just shows the corruption” – Celtic fans rinse journalists claim on IFAB penalty rules

Man, the media went into overdrive over the Connor Goldson “penalty” didn’t they?

No sooner had the referee said no penalty, the hacks were making ready their excuses and circling the wagons to make sure that the VAR rebuttal by Willie Collum was effectively and quickly tossed to the side by the IFAB rules for handball.

The problem with that, of course is that for some strange reason, the IFAB rulebook wasn’t dragged out when Bernabei and O’Riley were punished for two of the most obscure handballs you will ever see at a football ground.

So the problem we have here is that by instantly defending the Goldson handball, certain people in the media have nailed their colours firmly to the mast.

And Celtic fans were extremely quick to point this out after this piece:

Because I certainly don’t remember Lindsay writing a piece about the injustice of Bernabei’s handball when he knew nothing about it or O’Riley being punished when the ball was played off his arm at least 10 yards to left of the Celtic goal.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans trust neither the footballing authorities to apply the rules fairly and consistently AND the media for failing to report all handball injustices as eagerly as they do with a Sevco one.

But what do we expect? Not much really, but these Celtic fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of this particular report:

The Daily Record’s latest Sevco piece embarrasses journalism

You know what? No words are needed. Just read this:

And now I want you to watch the goal. And I also want you to listen for the ‘roar’ and for Kent ‘lashing’ the ball into the top corner.

Believe me, it really, really does happen:

The “journalist” that wrote this pile of dreck was Gavin Berry of the Daily Record.

Never in my life have I read such a fanboy, pro Sevco piece in all my life. The lamb must have been really tasty when he hit publish on that bad boy.

Journalism, as we know it, is dead in this country.

Gio press conference rumour ‘addressed’ by clubs official media partner

Can’t whack a bit of blue on blue on Twitter.

The Ibrox club are in such a state that their own podcasters are trolling each other with rumours of GvB holding a press conference about being sacked in the morning.

One Ibrox podcaster tweeted this:

And many of his fellow fans fell for it.

Of course, they’ll deny that they did and claim that they know clubs and managers don’t hold press conferences for sackings because in all my time following football I’ve never seen one, but why then, did Heart & Hand feel the need to clarify with this tweet:

It really sums up the state the club is in and how gullible the Govan fans are.

Either that or they are so desperate to see the back of their gaffer that they’ll literally believe anything.

Stay tuned for Born Celtic’s exclusive interview with Gio as he reveals all about his severance package………

Celtic title boost as report claims disharmony in the Rangers dressing room

Not that we need it but our title defence has received a timely boost as reports emerged of a fracture in the Rangers dressing room between a senior player and manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

The Ibrox club required a controversial VAR penalty to save a point in Paisley as The Buddies threatened to end the league title chase after taking an early second half lead.

But it was events in the away team dressing room that is hitting the headlines as a disagreement between GvB and Glen Kamara boiled over.

As reported by The Athletic via the Daily Record, “There appears to be disharmony in the Rangers dressing room with Finland international Glen Kamara reportedly left reeling after being taken off at half-time against the Buddies.

“Things appeared to boil over at the full-time whistle with the report suggesting “a disagreement occurred between both at full time”

The Banter Years are back as the Govan club implodes.

It looks like the international break has come at the right time for Gio but it does look like he has his work cut out to try and save his job, never mind his clubs season.