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“My information is” – Phil Mac reveals how Sevco may avoid UEFA FFP sanctions

They are on the watch list aren’t they? UEFA’s Financial Fair Play watch list that is.

As the Newco racked up £100m in losses to win two trophies, the Scottish Governing bodies turned a blind eye. The same blind eye that allowed the dead club to use EBT’s and side letters to sign players that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford.

But hey, there was no sporting advantage to have been had, right? Because signing players who are clearly of a higher standard than what you could afford does not affect the team that’s on the park. They won’t play better, they won’t be superior to others in the league and therefor no sporting advantage will be had.

Well, thats the warped view of the Nimmo Smith inquiry anyway.

All above board and normal.

Well, thank goodness for UEFA. Because at least Europe’s beaks have the backbone to reign the Newco in and sanction them should they break their Financial Fair Play rules.

And by all accounts, it did seem that the Ibrox board mat have fallen foul to those rules because of their spending in the January window. Until this revelation by Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain in his latest blog:

And, as Phil points out, it’s not only the SFA that has no backbone. Our very own media are spineless when it comes to tackling, hell, even investigating any possible wrong doings over at Edminston Drive.

Not really surprising considering most of them failed to pick up on the biggest sporting scandal of the last 100 years in 2012.

Thank God for Phil and UEFA.