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Did Fashion Sakala try and suggest Celtic fans started online death rumours?

Fashion Sakala must be the mouthpiece of Ibrox this week.

The Rangers and Zambia striker has been all over the media running off his mouth whilst our players quietly go about our business.

In a clear attempt to pander to the Ibrox masses, Sakala has been supping from the Loving Cup and putting out little Celtic digs in scripted interviews designed to try and wind us up.

In truth, he’s making himself look as foolish as his dive at Ibrox but what is clear is that he’s bought into the Ibrox way of life and sold his soul to Govan.

And in the latest of his series of interviews this week, Sakala opened up on rumours that he was killed last year in a gun attack in his homeland.

Sakala said, “I was very surprised! It was funny, but people always have the time to write things. I was in Glasgow so I don’t know how they managed to say I was shot in Zambia!

“This is not the first time. I’ve had a lot of stories in my own country saying, ‘He’s had an accident, he’s dead. He and his wife are dead’.

I don’t know if people are wishing us dead! I don’t know if it was people from Glasgow who wrote it or people from Zambia because I’ve had it in my own country before!

Well, I’m no detective but I think Sakala knows where the rumours originated from by why mention Glasgow?

If ‘a lot of these stories’ have come from his own country before (his words) why insinuate that they could have been started in Glasgow at all?

We all know why. Sakala, or whoever is directing him in these embarrassing interviews, is suggesting that it may have come from our side.

I tell you something, we Celtic fans have more important things to do with our time than start online rumours about a second rate striker who has now sold his morals to that club.

But, keep talking though because we will do ours on the park tomorrow. When it matters.