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Prominent fan group FIRES warning to Celtic board. There is trouble ahead

Not too long ago I received a message from the fan group “Celts for Change” detailing what their plans are to tackle the current crisis at the club and how their plans to force the board to listen the fans by strangling various sources of income from the club.

“Celts For Change 2021” are a group reborn from days of the Kelly & Whyte dynasty that almost forced Celtic to close down over debts of just over £1m. They, alongside Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey and the legendary Fergus McCann, helped oust the old board before the unthinkable happened.

Celtic were eventually saved from oblivion, paid their debts and saved the clubs history. Something that cannot be said for the team masquerading as *Rangers on the other side of the city.

Celts For Change 2021 tweeted this afternoon “We want our football club back, not an accountancy firm” as they aim to raise awareness of the corporate suicide the Celtic board have displayed in their lack of investment in the side in the last ten years, alongside allowing *Rangers to catch up with them to the point that they stopped the ten in a row.

The fan movement have already set the tone with an open letter to Dominic McKay where they set out some key points they want the new C.E.O. to address “We would like to outline our current strategy to you. As part of our ongoing protest, we will be recommending that all supporters delay renewing their season tickets until the following five points have been addressed.​

Peter Lawwell must have no further roles full or part time at the club after July 1st, our chairman Ian Bankier must also give notice of standing down, and the other members of the board complicit in the failings by their silence must do the same.”

Today’s latest tweet is designed to continue their plight to highlight the board seeing the club as a balance sheet and not a football club as the teams current decline. The board got complacent. Not only with the clubs signing policy, but also their management recruitment and transfer policy.

Celts For Change 2021 are continuing to put pressure on the Celtic board and it remains to be seen whether the board will listen or will continue with their wall of silence.