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“Now at Henrik Larsson level” – Hugh Keevins pays ultimate compliment to key Celtic figure. It’s not who you think

Now, when statements like this are made, you need to sit up and listen. Regardless of who says it.

Henrik Larsson is an absolute icon of 21st century Celtic. A legend in modern times and is widely regarded as one of the best Celts of all time.

So when people are being put in a pedestal on a par with the Swedish God, then they better have a good, no, an amazing case to do so.

And that is exactly what Hugh Keevins has done.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins said, “I will say this to you. Ange Postecoglou is now at Henrik Larsson’s level.

There are people, Michael Beale among them, who would gladly drive him to Glasgow Airport just to see the back of him now.

Because in Ange, the Celtic supporters trust.

In Michael, the trust today diminished ever so slightly for the Rangers fans.”

Is Ange at that level yet? Not for me, but he’s no too far off it.

If the gaffer bags a treble this season and makes a dent in Europe next season then we can maybe start talking about it.

Ange is already a legend in many supporters eyes, especially after he retained the league yesterday against them.

Let’s see how the rest of the season pand out before we get too carried away.

If Jurgen Klopp’s Gerrard comments are true, what does that say about Celtic’s achievements?

You know that saying of ‘If you’ve got got anything positive to say then just say nothing’?

Of course you do. We had it rammed down our throats all September during the enforced period of mourning for the Queen.

Well it seems Sky Sports Scotland manufactured a headline when they tweeted out that Klopp said Gerrards spell at Rangers was ‘very successful.

Have a watch:

Did I just miss something? Did I mishear what Klopp said or did Sky just make up a headline to encourage clicks on their video?

Gerrards time at Rangers was far from successful.

In fact, it was so bad that the former Rangers boss sat and watched Celtic sweep up four trebles in a row. 

To suggest otherwise is, well, just lying.

Two trophies in four seasons is not successful and whilst he had a decent record in Europe, ultimately he won nothing there either.

Let’s just stop with the birthday card nonsense or at the very least, let’s try and report the news accurately.

“If they only stuck to anti Catholic jokes all would have been done” – Celtic fans react to alleged awards ceremony player racism claims

So the furore over the walk out in the SFWA Player of the Year award had more to it than first thought.

It is alleged that Bill Copeland told racist and misogynistic jokes at the awards ceremony and the attempt at humour was so bad, respected Sly Sports presenter Eilidh Barbour walked out of the bash with her party at her table.

It is also alleged that a second party walked out also but it’s yet to be confirmed who it was.

But as the day progressed more allegations have arisen as it also has been claimed that Copeland aimed racist jokes towards Celtics Japanese players.

And when pressed at what was said, the twitter user said:

I mean, is this really where we are at? In 2022?

It’s bad enough that Kyogo had to deal with mindless morons spouting that disgraceful, racist line now we seem to have paid professionals making jokes at the expense of the Celtic players?

An absolute disgrace and these Hoops fans were far from happy:

Just in case anyone was wondering, Copeland’s football allegiances are well known. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.

The stunning Catholic POYT Follow Follow conspiracy

I know I’ve said this before and I know I sound like a broken record but bear with me.

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Follow Follow just drags me in with another belter.

As Celtic sweep all before them in the end of year awards, the fact that many Hoops players are being recognised by their fellow professionals in a “transition” season is recognition for the brilliant job Ange Postecoglou is doing.


But all is not what it seems with the awards. All is not legit that so many Celtic players are sweeping all before them. Something is afoot and Follow Follow has the answer.

Wait for it………

That’s it. THAT’S why Celtic are so good.

All them Catholic schools innit?

Let’s not forget that our club has one of the most diverse fan bases in the world. Let’s not forget that not all Celtic supporters are Catholic and also, and here is the kicker, let’s not forget that maybe, just maybe, our players are just better than the rest.

Now I know my sound reasoning doesn’t fit their argument but f*** me! How deranged and thick in the head do you need to be to believe this utter tripe?

But, it’s Follow Follow isn’t it? They don’t do critical thinking.

Rangers fall for internet scammer as sponsor goes bust!