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“If they only stuck to anti Catholic jokes all would have been done” – Celtic fans react to alleged awards ceremony player racism claims

So the furore over the walk out in the SFWA Player of the Year award had more to it than first thought.

It is alleged that Bill Copeland told racist and misogynistic jokes at the awards ceremony and the attempt at humour was so bad, respected Sly Sports presenter Eilidh Barbour walked out of the bash with her party at her table.

It is also alleged that a second party walked out also but it’s yet to be confirmed who it was.

But as the day progressed more allegations have arisen as it also has been claimed that Copeland aimed racist jokes towards Celtics Japanese players.

And when pressed at what was said, the twitter user said:

I mean, is this really where we are at? In 2022?

It’s bad enough that Kyogo had to deal with mindless morons spouting that disgraceful, racist line now we seem to have paid professionals making jokes at the expense of the Celtic players?

An absolute disgrace and these Hoops fans were far from happy:

Just in case anyone was wondering, Copeland’s football allegiances are well known. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.

The stunning Catholic POYT Follow Follow conspiracy

Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

I know I’ve said this before and I know I sound like a broken record but bear with me.

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Follow Follow just drags me in with another belter.

As Celtic sweep all before them in the end of year awards, the fact that many Hoops players are being recognised by their fellow professionals in a “transition” season is recognition for the brilliant job Ange Postecoglou is doing.


But all is not what it seems with the awards. All is not legit that so many Celtic players are sweeping all before them. Something is afoot and Follow Follow has the answer.

Wait for it………

That’s it. THAT’S why Celtic are so good.

All them Catholic schools innit?

Let’s not forget that our club has one of the most diverse fan bases in the world. Let’s not forget that not all Celtic supporters are Catholic and also, and here is the kicker, let’s not forget that maybe, just maybe, our players are just better than the rest.

Now I know my sound reasoning doesn’t fit their argument but f*** me! How deranged and thick in the head do you need to be to believe this utter tripe?

But, it’s Follow Follow isn’t it? They don’t do critical thinking.

Rangers fall for internet scammer as sponsor goes bust!

“I mean, did u see the stats?”EBT man can’t believe Celtic’s red hot form

Main stand and Jock Stein Stand, Celtic Park

Love this. When many expected Celtic to fall, Ange Postecoglou rebuilt the club from the ashes to potentially dominate the whole of Scottish football once again.

And he’s done it in less than a year.

Quite remarkable when you consider what he inherited.

But former Rangers defender Alan Hutton couldn’t believe what he saw on Saturday as the Hoops racked up a devastating 7-0 win over St Johnstone.

Speaking to Football Insider, Hutton said, “They’re definitely heating up at the right moment in time.

“They’re going from strength to strength. Probably the standout at the moment as well is not only their attacking prowess, it’s how they’re defending as well.

“Against Rangers, they were very good defensively, out with the goal. St Johnstone didn’t even get a shot on target. I mean, did you see the stats?

“84 per cent possession, 960-odd passes they had, which is incredible, 1,100 touches. Honestly, it was an absolute mauling.

“They’re definitely heating up at the right moment in time. The spread of goals across the whole team, as well as the likes of Kyogo coming back, Turnbull coming back, it’s all helping. It’s all momentum for them moving forward.”

Must be hard watching this Celtic side sweep everyone, including your pretend club, aside.

Oh well.

Listen to brilliant Celtic fan Clyde 1 caller trolls Sevco with Old F*rm tag

Ibrox Stadium

The Old Firm love in Rangers had at the last Glasgow Derby was just embarrassing.

The overkill on the moniker was a brass neck for the Ibrox clubs fans who have spent the last month or so telling everyone that they don’t want anything to do with us or the Sydney Cup but then had to watch as their club fawned over the OF brand whilst clinging to Celtics coat tails.

And this caller on Clyde 1 took his opportunity to rub it into their fans with this. Have a listen:

It was brilliant opportunism from the fan and a reminder that every time they and their club participate in shameless exploitation of a brand they want nothing to do with, the Celtic fans are watching and listening.

“Can we no just patch it?” – Celtics 7-0 win causes some Heart & Hand pain

Ibrox Stadium

It must be a tough watch to be honest. To be sitting watching your rivals rise from the ashes when you thought your own team was miles ahead of them with an unknown manager must truly bite them hard on the *rse.

Sacked by Christmas they said. A 5ft 7 striker is no use they said.

They also said they are 150 years old so they’ll spout any old p*sh for attention.

But today’s 7-0 win over St Johnstone has confirmed it for them. The league is over.

As Heart & Hand tweeted their clubs post split fixtures many of the Sevco fans were just bitten hard with reality:

I love this kind of optimism because it just prolongs their pain:

Ibrox Noise places incredible valuation on Alfie. And they were serious

Dug meat domestically but turns it on in Europe, wee Alfie is a Govan enigma.

Questions have been raised as to why he always raises his game when it comes to the European scene, but everyone knows why. Except those that blindly follow him in blue.

The Colombian is a football mercenary. He has lost interest in the domestic game. He knows that when he turns it on in Europe, he gets more exposure. A decent performance in the Europa League means more than a hat trick in the SPFL. And he knows it.

And THAT is why he is a mercenary. He’s all about himself.

He’s only ever happy when he is in the limelight. And that’s why no one has came anywhere close to buying him in the five years he has been at the club.

But for some reason, Ibrox Noise seems to think he is worth MORE than Harry Kane.

Think about it like this. Juventus bought Ronaldo for less than what these guys think he’s worth, “So, if we, as a nation, want the very best football to be played here, in Scotland, we need to get real, and we need to demand all our players (from all our teams) are valued properly.

That is why I placed a €120 million price tag on Morelos all those years ago. Aim high, and get a price that is reasonable, aim low and you get what you deserve.

I mean, there’s a difference between aiming high and actually BEING high.

What are these guys on? Even at the height of his powers they would have been lucky to get north of £15m for him because he’s a liability when things don’t go his way.

He has form. £120m? Why people write this rubbish never mind read it is beyond me.

Check out the latest Celtic News from top Celtic bloggers across the web!

Greek journalist gives exciting update on player sale

Olivier Ntcham will always be an enigmatic figure at Celtic Park. On his day, was one of the best footballers in Scotland, off his game, his attitude was contemptuous and his performances contemptable.

His ambition to leave Celtic Park far outweighed his ambition to be a professional and his mood and demeanor have been shown to be not welcome inside not only the corridors of Celtic Park, but also in Marseille where his arrival compelled the French clubs manager Andres Villas Boas to tender his resignation.

It was widely expected that the Frenchman would he leaving this summer for the sunnier climes of Athens as AEK made moves to sign Ntcham on a free.

With personal terms agreed, the deal fell through at the last minute when Celtic decided that they did, in fact, want a fee for the former Man City man.

By all accounts the deal has been resurrected as Greek journalist, Giannis Chorianopolous claimed that the Greek club are now looking at options to finance the move.

It’s not yet known what size of fee Celtic are looking for, but that is certainly encouraging news for the Hoops who need a bad dressing room influence out the club and also for Ntcham who clearly needs new direction in his footballing life.


As the news broke of Celtic defender Kristoffer Ajer’s intentions of quitting the Hoops in the summer, reports in the English media suggest that Norwich City are set to table a bid for the Norwegian.

It was expected that Ajer would be heading to the English Premier League after speculation that Newcastle United were favourites to land the towering defender with an £8m bid, but with Ajer entering the last year of his current contract, the price Celtic would hope to receive could be a lot less than they had hoped.

Ajer said of his future today, “With one year left of my contract, that would be the best solution for me and my club. Something is going to happen this summer.

“There are of course many rumours. Right now it’s just rumours. I have one year left on my contract with Celtic and I relate to it, but something will probably happen this summer.

“I have one year left and will be loyal to the club. For both me and Celtic to get the best possible starting point, it probably makes sense that it happens this year.

After reports linking him with a £20m move to AC Milan at the start of the season, Ajer may be resigned to EPL relegation mediocrity as a move to consistent drop zone club Newcastle United or, as expected, Norwich will do nothing for the defender’s medal haul, although it will significantly top up his bank balance.

Prominent fan group FIRES warning to Celtic board. There is trouble ahead

Not too long ago I received a message from the fan group “Celts for Change” detailing what their plans are to tackle the current crisis at the club and how their plans to force the board to listen the fans by strangling various sources of income from the club.

“Celts For Change 2021” are a group reborn from days of the Kelly & Whyte dynasty that almost forced Celtic to close down over debts of just over £1m. They, alongside Brian Dempsey, Willie Haughey and the legendary Fergus McCann, helped oust the old board before the unthinkable happened.

Celtic were eventually saved from oblivion, paid their debts and saved the clubs history. Something that cannot be said for the team masquerading as *Rangers on the other side of the city.

Celts For Change 2021 tweeted this afternoon “We want our football club back, not an accountancy firm” as they aim to raise awareness of the corporate suicide the Celtic board have displayed in their lack of investment in the side in the last ten years, alongside allowing *Rangers to catch up with them to the point that they stopped the ten in a row.

The fan movement have already set the tone with an open letter to Dominic McKay where they set out some key points they want the new C.E.O. to address “We would like to outline our current strategy to you. As part of our ongoing protest, we will be recommending that all supporters delay renewing their season tickets until the following five points have been addressed.​

Peter Lawwell must have no further roles full or part time at the club after July 1st, our chairman Ian Bankier must also give notice of standing down, and the other members of the board complicit in the failings by their silence must do the same.”

Today’s latest tweet is designed to continue their plight to highlight the board seeing the club as a balance sheet and not a football club as the teams current decline. The board got complacent. Not only with the clubs signing policy, but also their management recruitment and transfer policy.

Celts For Change 2021 are continuing to put pressure on the Celtic board and it remains to be seen whether the board will listen or will continue with their wall of silence.


With the madness of the last weekend and the subject of anti catholic and sectarian issues being highlighted in Scottish football and society, former Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson gave an insight into his experience with playing in the Glasgow Derby but also shared his respect he had for Celtic players off the pitch when he was captain of Rangers.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson spoke at length of the chance encounters with Celtic players outside of the madness of Scottish football and what he revealed was very refreshing, “I’m not gonna kid anybody on here. He was a top player (Stan Petrov), and top midfielder and a real good guy as well. As he says we hated each other for ninety minutes minutes, but the respect was always there.

“If you where out with your friends or your wife, you would have a quick chat with them (Celtic players). You’d have a beer with them, a glass of wine so there was none a what people think goes on.

“There’s always respect. Every time that I was in a group of Rangers players or out with my missus and I see a group of Celtic players I would always go over and have a chat with them and have a laugh.

“Even when you go away with the national team, there’s always Celtic and Rangers players and people would say me, ‘Did you sit separate and not speak to them?’ Listen, come on, we’re playing with the national team here, you’d have a laugh and a joke, and you try and give them a wee sly boot in training or whatever but there was always one thing I will say, with the guys that I played with at Rangers and the guys I played with at Celtic, there was always that mutual respect.”

To be honest, in a day and age where sectarian singing and fan hatred of each other was probably at it’s height, this is a refreshing insight to the relationships players on both sets of the divide.

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