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“Not so world beating team” – Hungarian media bitter in defeat

As Celtic enjoy the adulation of the fans after an impressive 2-0 win over Ferencvaros in the Europa League, the Scottish media, in some parts, have given the Hoops decent praise as the Parkhead side keep their European dream alive.

But the Hungarian media were not to complimentary for their domestic champions as they succumbed to constant pressure from the Hoops.

And strangely, one Hungarian media site, Mandiner, took the defeat particularly hard and were less than complimentary about the dominant Glasgow side in their match report.

Harking back to last seasons win at Celtic Park in the Champions League, the media side said of last nights match, “Last year in the Champions League Ferencvaros defeated Celtic in the qualifiers.

As we get used to in modern football today, both teams have been replaced in a year. The Scots are better.”

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“In the last quarter of an hour, Ferencvaros completely disintegrated, and the not-so-world-beating Celtic could do with them what they wanted.

It is clear the Budapest team cannot last more than 60 minutes at this level. Neither physically nor in concentration.

“Celtic is a much weaker team than the other two members of the group (as evidenced in the previous two rounds), but Ferencvaros had no chance against them either. 

You can almost taste the bitterness in this article and you just wonder how the backlash will look after Celtic go to Budapest and take another three points back to Glasgow with them.

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“He’s got the ear of the board” – Aussie journalist believes Ange will not walk

With all the goings on at Celtic Park and the apparent lack of structure(s) at the club, there is a concern amongst some factions of the Celtic fan media and the supporters that Ange Postecoglou will walk away if things aren’t going his way or if he gets disillusioned at how the club is run.

Not so says Vince Rugari of the Sydney Morning Herald. Speaking to The Celtic Exchange Podcast, Rugari was asked by the boys if Ange would walk if the club didn’t match his ambitions, “Depends. I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever he’s gonna walk away from this.

Because I think he’s got the ear of the board and the trust of the people in the club to take them forward.

If things were to capitulate to such a level that he didn’t think he could produce winning football teams, then maybe he would walk away.

But I just I just don’t think that’s in his makeup.

I think he’s the kind of manager who wants to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in and go to work and there would have to be a really, really good reason for him to quit.

He’s a guy who’s in it for the long haul.

You hear the way he talks about the club and what he wants to do here and is not shying away from it.

Postecoglou certainly is a man of principles and he must have had assurances from the board that he has their backing to rebuild the club and it certainly seems that Postecoglou will be here for the forseeable.

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Talksport shock jock blasts former Celtic star for leaving ‘footballing force’ for ‘soft option’

The Ryan Christie transfer was one we all knew was coming. But the question was what club would he move to in England, not league.

With Christie, apparently, being courted by Barnsley and Southampton, the Scotland midfielder eventually chose the south coast of England and signed for Bournemouth for just over £2m.

Whether you believe the reason Christie gave for joining the Championship side or not as he cited having a ‘soft spot‘ for the seaside club, one allegation levied to the former Hoops man is his lack of ambition for dropping into England’s second tier.

And that is what Talksport’s Simon Jordan seems to think as well.

Speaking in his show, he claimed Christie seems to have moved for ‘non footballing reasons’,  “I think he has taken the soft option.

“Bournemouth are a very nice option, it’s probably a very decent salary because they have a Russian owner who is still enjoying the second year of Premier League parachute payments.

“I think it is a lovely place to live, he will probably get more money playing for Bournemouth than for Celtic.

“But certainly it is not a footballing decision of advancing oneself.

“If you were going to advance yourself you should be playing for an established Premier League side, which is Burnley.

“Leaving Celtic, who are no doubt a far bigger footballing force than Bournemouth, who have a massive task on their hands with a new manager and a new Rangers who are being reinfused by the finances and Steven Gerrard winning the league, is a hell of a challenge.

“If he wanted a real challenge then winning that title back rather than maybe getting out of the Championship, for me, is a bigger footballing decision.”

Kris Boyd Tries To Create Controversy Where There Is None. Will This Boy Ever Learn?

This was a strange listen to be honest. An argument that was put to bed by Ange Postecoglou weeks ago has resurfaced again courtesy of the master of word salad, Kris Boyd.

Boyd has made a living at eating alphabet soup and spraying a mouthful over our TV screens and now he’s doing the exact same thing to our ears (not the best analogy, but you know where I coming from).

Speaking on the Sky Sports Scottish Football podcast, Boyd raised the backroom staff question again, even though Ange Postecoglou addressed it numerous times in the media.

Boys was in an over excited mood as he couldn’t wait to rip into this old argument as he said, “There was plenty to be said when Neil Lennon was not able to bring in his own backroom staff.

Nothing against John Kennedy, and Steven McManus is in there helping again, I’ve played with two of them.

Nothing against them at all. From what I’m led to believe, very, very good coaches.

But if you go into football club, you want to bring in your own man. You want to have somebody that you can rely on so he can say, ‘You know what, what do you think‘?’.

Somebody that you can trust. He might in time trust the guys, but as it stands right now, he doesn’t even know them! He doesn’t even know them.

The squad has just been patched up to play a massive Champions League qualifier and they have came up short. It’s another embarrassing result for Scottish football .

We’ve been going on about how bad Celtic where. Celtic dominated both the games for large parts of them and should have won.

But look, there’s a long, long way to recovery for Celtic. And I’ll be honest with you, they have only themselves to blame.

And the fans, when you look at it. They stood up last season, and made their voices heard and nothing was done about it and the exact same things happening again. They will only take so much before the crack.

Just in case Boyd has forgotten, Ange said EVERYONE will get the chance to prove themselves at the club. That wasn’t limited exclusively to players. It meant coaches, backroom staff even the tea lady/man. Ok the last one was stretch but you catch my drift.

To raise this again is just plain and simple mischief making from a former *Rangers player who failed to put the boot into Celtic on the park but is now accustomed to doing it off it.