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Hugh Keevins reveals how many times Ange was interviewed by Spurs; Celtic fans will be raging

Look, I know I should let this go. I know I should move on and try to forget about Ange Postecoglou now that he is the Spurs manager, but after all the former Celtic manager told us prior to him joining the London club, when things like this come out, it angers me.

It angers me because when Ange spoke, the Celtic support listened. And we believed him. We trusted that everything he was telling us about the Spurs speculation prior to the Cup final was gospel.

‘My agents wouldn’t dare ask me’ he said about the links to Spurs prior to the biggest game of the season. And you know why the agents didn’t ask him? Because Ange already knew what was going on.

That’s according to Hugh Keevins. The journalist revealed just how many times Ange was allegedly interviewed by the EPL before he took the job.

Keevins said [Clyde 1Superscoreboard], “Anyone who thinks that that the business [with Spurs] began after half past seven Saturday night, lives in cloud Cuckooland.

“There are suggestions that Ange Postecoglou was interviewed twice by Tottenham. TWICE before he took the job. So good luck to him.

“He was a fantastic manager for Celtic. He grabbed Scottish Football by the neck and he didn’t let it go. After six games. three wins, three losses, he got Scottish football and thereafter he was unstoppable. So Ange Postecoglou will forever be a part of Celtics history.

“You know, he knew plenty about Spurs and what was happening before the cup final was played. But it’s not the Celtic board’s job to come out before the cup final and say, ‘Incidentally, the manager will be leaving’.

“If that had happened they would have been accused of sabotaging the club before the cup final.”

This is a major slap in the face for the Hoops support. I wrote about just how hollow Ange’s tribute to the Celtic support seemed now after he left Celtic 48 hours after creating history.

This reveal doesn’t make it hollow now, it renders it redundant. And after his speech to the Spurs fans yesterday, it seems like the Australian has the same lines drawn up to whichever club suits the situation.

The clause that prevents Ange Postecoglou from raiding Celtic – Pete O’Rourke

With Ange Postecoglou joining Spurs this summer, the Celtic fans will be watching and0 waiting to see if he comes calling for any of our players and backroom team.

Whilst the rumours have just begun about the new Spurs boss looking at Kyogo, there is an understanding that Postecoglou wants to take some of the Celtic backroom team with him to London.

But it seems Celtic have played it smart. Apparently the club put a clause in the deal with Spurs that Ange cannot poach any of our coaching team according to journalist, Pete O’Rourke.

Writing in Football Insider, O’Rourke says, “Celtic are blocking assistant manager John Kennedy from joining Ange Postecoglou at Tottenham.

“A clause in Postecoglou’s Hoops contract stopped him from taking members of the club’s staff with him to his next club.

“It is believed that Celtic are exploiting that clause as they look to stop an exodus of their coaches to north London.

“Postecoglou also wants coach Gavin Strachan and analyst Greg Wallace to join him in north London when he officially takes charge on July 1.”

So it seems as though Ange may not get his way. But still, if reports are to be believed that Kennedy and Co want to join Postecoglou in London, I say let them.

There is no point in keeping anyone that doesn’t want to be at Celtic Park. Especially when a new manager is due to come in soon.

Let them go, let the new manager come in and bring his own people. That way we all get to move on and there are no agitators in the background whilst a new regime tries to take the club forward.

Daniel Levy explains to key Spurs supporters group why he signed Ange Postecoglou from Celtic

Daniel Levy has finally explained why he decided to pursue former Celtic manager, Ange Postecoglou.

The Spurs owner was fielding a meeting with members of Tottenham’s major supporters groups, Fan Advisory Board (FAB) where he explained the appointment.

Levy said,“We made a conscious decision that we wanted a coach who would understand what we really wanted as a Club, which was to play attacking football, to enable everyone to enjoy coming to a match and be entertained, and also someone who understood the importance of the Academy.” [Tottenham FC]

Well, he will definitely get attacking football and entertained fans but graduates from the academy? Maybe not so much.

Although Postecoglou did eventually allow some of the Celtic B team to get some minutes in the senior squad, many will say they were not enough.

Whether it was down to Ange thinking they were not good enough or whether it was because he saw the pressure was on to win the treble and he couldn’t risk playing them remains to be seen.

As we still await the future of John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan to be announced, today’s two communications from Spurs means that we may not have to wait too long for confirmation that they are joining Ange in the EPL.



Ange Postecoglou addresses the Spurs fans with Celtic undertones

Well, this day was always coming and we all knew that when it did, it would sting a little.

This afternoon Ange Postecoglou addressed the Spurs fans in a speech on Tottenham Hotspur’s official Twitter feed.

And the speech was very reminiscent of the sort of things he used to us when he was the manager of Celtic.

Ange said [Tottenham FC], “Hello everyone. it’s great to finally get started as manager of this great football club.

I’m really looking forward to the task ahead. I think it’s an exciting opportunity for us, to set off on a new direction, play football and create an environment that embodies the values and traditions of this fantastic football club with hopefully, a team that you can all be proud of and more importantly get excited by.

I can assure you that right through preseason we won’t leave any stone unturned. Myself, the staff and the players to make sure that when the league comes around that you will be as excited as I am about the season ahead.

So I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at the stadium, in particular in our first home game and I look forward to the journey ahead.”

“Great football club”, “values and traditions”, “journey ahead”, all phrases he used during his time as the Celtic manager.

And who can blame him? It worked on us. We bought into his philosophy and his passion and made us feel as if we were the only football club that mattered in the country.

Tottenham fans won’t realise how lucky they are until they start to see the kind of football Ange brings to their club.

And if it doesn’t work out in London, he can always come back to Celtic. Right?