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Alex McLeish laughably claims Postecoglou ‘mistake’ on player departure

Ok, where will we start with Alex McLeish and mistakes?

EBT’s? Side letters? Admitting in court that he could not have competed with Celtic if his dead club didn’t use tax avoidance schemes?

There are many to choose from so who is he to dictate to anyone about mistakes when his list longer than the length of my arm?

But he feels it is his place to try and lecture the Celtic gaffer on letting Osaze Urhoghide move on loan to KV Oostende in the summer and claims ‘senior coaches’ (aka Ange) has made a huge mistake on letting him leave.

Speaking to Football Insider, McLeish said, “Listen, sometimes the senior coaches will make mistakes.

“I’m not saying they’ve made a mistake here. It can be that the player matures.

“But they must have seen something that they feel he can’t master, whether it’s a defensive thing or an attacking issue.

“When you’re training players to do a certain action for the team or for themselves, if they don’t master it when they’re younger, it becomes much harder to get it into your game in your 20s.

“I have seen many, many examples like that.”

Guess who will be attending Ange’s Homecoming bash? Let the Sevco meltdown commence

Ange’s Homecoming Tour is happening whether the club from Ibrox like it or not.

Their club need the money, the directors want their investment back and if Celtic win the league then those losses are going to look even worse come next season.

Enter the Ange Tour.

The bears are in a rage because they have been labelled as second billing to Ange. They are embarrassed because a man they hadn’t heard of merely nine months ago is leaving them in the shade whilst their biggest rivals grab the headlines and the largest chunk of the money pie when the dough is dished out.

And their only source of comfort if the tour goes ahead? It will be a second string squad. No one will care.

Until now. After the World Cup qualifiers this week it seems that many of *Rangers first team squad will be more than available for Ange’s Tour. Morelos, Aribo and Bassey will all be available for the tournament.

And that’s not to mention those that will never be capped for their countries like Tavernier and Kent.

All of a sudden it’s looking a lot more embarrassing for the *Rangers support than they first thought because I can bet you one thing. It will be written into the contract that first team players that are available must play.

Do you really think the organisers will pay £3m for the Ibrox team to take a bunch of kids?

Me neither.

Let the meltdown commence.

“He’s in your head”, “Smell the fear”, “A lot of insecure h**s all in one place” – The amazing Ange thread lays bare heartless Sevco fans

The Open Goal interview with Ange Postecoglou was very well received with not just Celtic fans, but fans of many teams who appreciate the Celtic boss’s down to earth humility and the way he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Ange is always upfront and honest at any interview he gives but when he’s asked about his upbringing and family life, the gaffer is very comfortable speaking about issues close to his heart and the relationship he had with his late father.

Now when I say fans of ‘many’ clubs, clearly there is a fanbase that will always have an issue with the Celtic boss.

I would be willing to bet if Ange said *Rangers were the same club, those same fans who are convinced of that lie, would spontaneously combust because they would have to agree with him.

But as Ange opened up again on his relationship with his late father, one *Rangers fan took to twitter to give his unwanted opinion:

I mean, even looking at the time it was posted, did this guy just wake up, grab his phone and the first thing he thought about was to tweet a heartless tweet about the Celtic gaffer?

But what this tweet did so was expose a lot of reasons why this fanbase is always angry. About everything. All the time:

I just find it weird that was the first thing he thought to do with his day? 

But as always, the Celtic fans rinsed the hell out of him. And deservedly so:

“Their board are part of a covert group” – Sevco fans meltdown continues as Ange threatens season ticket renewals

The complete meltdown from this lot over the Sidney Tour is bloody hilarious.

They simply cannot accept that they are second billing to Ange’s homecoming tour which is why they are being almost half of what Celtic are.

Anger and denial is a terrible combination for anyone but for *Rangers fans? It’s like semtext in a bin fire.

But now the talk in the Govan stands is about whether or not fans are going to refuse to renews season tickets to show a stance of solidarity against the Australia tour.

I genuinely hope they do it. I mean that. Could you just imagine the Ibrox board panic when fans refuse to send them their money?

Of course, they won’t do it. They couldn’t muster up barely a whimper to stop their old club dying so you can damn sure put money on them doing sod all to stop this.

But the meltdown from them is glorious. Its outstanding. And apart from grandstanding on social media, they will take their place at Ange’s side in November and know their place:

“We are in sack the board territory here”, “Let’s get King back!” – The Banter Years return as Angeball starts an Ibrox revolution

They really are in a rage about this.

If they weren’t already yesterday, they are even more into blowing a gasket territory now.

Now they have just realised that they are playing second fiddle and not a lead role in what is being described the Angeball World Tour, it’s not the year on year losses or the signing of two duds in the January window or even losing the lead at the top of the league that has broke them.

It is being back up to the star attraction that only months ago, they were telling themselves would be sacked by Christmas.

But top of the league and a trophy in the bag, Ange is going nowhere. Except to Australia. With *Rangers in his hand luggage.

And the meltdown is absolutely glorious:

The return of the Banter Years!

Sky man’s viral social media meltdown over Angeball World Tour is glorious

He’s a mock on figure on Twitter is Andrew Dickson.

The Sky journalist makes no hiding of his unrivalled bias for his beloved *Rangers.

In fact, he is second only to Kris Boyd but at least we don’t need to see his mug on TV as often.

But as the news has started to digest that his club are now playing second fiddle to the top billing of Ange, Dickson is not a happy man:

I don’t get why he is so unhappy. It’s a great promotional tour to help build a fan base outside of Larkhall for his ten year old club.

He should be thanking Celtic for giving his club the amount of publicity it already has, and undoubtedly will when the tour finally takes place.

You think they will?

Nah. Probably not.

“I’m coming round to this”, “Class”, “Invited along to make up the number” – Celtic fans react to brilliant A League Ange tweet

The fallout from the announcement that Celtic are holding an Australian tour and have invited *Rangers has been incredible.

Fans from both sides have been in a rage at the idea of participating in friendly with each other but for very different reasons.

The tour is going to be a money spinner. Of that there is no doubt. And Celtic fans believe that our club should not be giving our rivals any manner of financial backing considering what has gone on in the past.

For the Ibrox club? They are raging as they are playing second fiddle to the Hoops. They are unhappy at being part of any ‘homecoming’ tour.

Well after this, they are going to apopleptic.

Australia’s official A-League twitter account tweeted this in the early hours of the morning:

‘Angeball World Tour’. Absolutely outstanding! And it has certainly sent the peepul into a rage!

But what it also has done is shed some hilarity onto this unfortunate PR disaster as the Celtic fans mocked their rivals for being a bit part player in the tour:

Absolutely brilliant!

“It’s all about the impact you make when you play” – Postecoglou pies Sky Sports man’s Sevco signing question

Good ol’ Ange.

A pre match press conference about Celtic and Sky Sports manage to try and turn it into the Aaron Ramsey show just over a minute in.

As the Celtic gaffer fielded questions from the satellite broadcaster, it took just 1m and 40s for the guy to start talking about *Rangers new signing even although it was widely expected that the Englishman will not make the game tomorrow night.

Ange wasn’t having any of it as he replied, “You know, don’t spend a lot of time focusing on what other clubs are doing because, for us, it’s always about how we build our squad and think if we think building a squad that can be successful then that’s the most important thing.

But I think any time in opposition sides bring in players and strengthen it makes the competition better I think.

But with all these things, no one had heard of Kyogo Furuhashi before before I brought him in. It’s all about the impact you make when you play.

Signing players is not an exact science, as we find found out, so it’s more about performances.

That’s when I take note. When new players make an impact on the field rather than when they sign.”

Like I’ve said before. Remember Joey Barton? Remember Niko Kranjcar?

All big reputations but no substance.

The proof will be in the pudding.

“Do you not think it’s down to the fact that Ange is a great coach rather than some kind of Jedi mind trick?” – Listen as Hugh Keevins is rinsed on live radio

This was reported earlier by Vital Celtic News and I tell you what, it’s worthwhile digging out the audio to let you guys hear it.

The much maligned Hugh Keevins is a journalist all Celtic fans love to hate.

His constant negativity about the club (which I reported on earlier) is a massive bug bear for the Hoops support and a lot of the time, although his stuff is much derided by the Celtic blogging world, is generally pet pass without right of reply.

But this Celtic fan was having none of it.

‘Gerry’ called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard last night and held Hugh to account for his article on Ange Postecoglou after the opening day defeat to Hearts where the journalist used an acronym of Postecoglou’s first name to spell out, “Absolutely Not Good Enough”.

It was tasteless and premature especially after just one fixture and barely enough time for the Celtic boss to write a team sheet never mind get his own players in and Gerry let Hugh have it both barrels.

Have a listen to this incredible conversation:

Even in the midst of it, Hugh still could not bring himself to say that Ange won the cup because he was a good coach. The power of positive thinking won it. 🙄

Maybe Hugh should use the power of positive thinking to try and make himself a better journalist?

Who am I kidding. The power of The Almighty couldn’t even make that happen.

Incredible Postecoglou video speech that brings a tear to the eye

You can see how the Celtic players play for their manager.

Whenever the team steps onto the pitch, they relay their managers instructions to the letter.

And as a support, I bet the majority of us all wonder how Ange managed to get the buy in so quickly.

A video surfaced today that shows a speech delivered by Ange to the Australian national team that has captured the imagination of the Celtic fans and I have to say, it is not hard to see why the players get behind their manager.

A highly emotionally charged speech that even left me inspired.

For all the hype about Ange being difficult to get close to, this video shows the emotion of the man and he exposed the man that he is by allowing us to see the a different side to his normally chilled and unflappable exterior.

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