Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

Sutton trolls Cantwell and Rangers with brilliant throw away line

Got to love Big Chris Sutton.

He doesn’t give two proverbials what the fans across the city think of him.

Banned from Ibrox for ‘safety reasons’ when in truth, we all know that they just can’t handle the fact that he has them on strings.

The Ibrox hordes dance to Sutton’s tune and they hate them for it.

Us? We f*ckin love the big man. At every opportunity, he winds them up and after the signing of Todd Cantwell, Sutton took aim.

As reported by Football Scotland, Sutton said, “My issue with Todd is I think he’s a little bit thin skinned, I really do. I think he’s touchy with things and you can’t be that in the Glasgow environment.

“He has to hit the ground running. It’s all about attitude with him but there’s certainly a player in there.

“I wish him well and I hope Rangers finish in the top half and get to cup semi-finals with him in the team.”

Top half of the league! Absolute gold from the big man. You can just sense the hare coming his way from their delusional fan forums.

All hail the big man.

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