Sutton fires back at Sevco snub

Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton took to Twitter last night to fire a a three word response the his Rangers snub at Ibrox last night.

Not long before kick off, Sutton tweeted that he and Neil Lennon had been refused access to Ibrox amid ‘security concerns’ and blasted the club’s ‘Everyone Anyone’ anti bigotry slogan when he said, “I’m not allowed to work on the Celtic game tonight from a studio at Ibrox along with Neil Lennon as Stewart Robertson the Rangers CEO says we are a security risk. Good to see Rangers ground breaking diversity and inclusion campaign ‘Everyone Anyone’ is working well…

This, of course set off the hoards from Govan and in true Sutton style, he gave his after match review in three little words:

Taking all joking aside, is this where the Ibrox club is at right now?

Not content with overseeing their official fan media engage in their petty (and abusive) squabbles with Michael Stewart, they are now banning ex Celtic players from completing official Europa League business?

These really are strange times for the blue half of Glasgow and you have to wonder what the next few days, and indeed the next Europa League home fixture will bring as BT Sport will surely not accept another ban for their employees?

There surely must be contractual obligation by the club to allow BT Sport staff to cover all matches so could there be a financial penalty imposed on *Rangers by BT or UEFA? We watch with interest!

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2 thoughts on “Sutton fires back at Sevco snub”

  1. Shut the piggary down for good the new club are just trouble dont forget mr parks threating corrupt doncaster and the sfa spfl corrupt to the core for the oldco deadco and newco scottish football is shocking now.

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