Sutton fires back and Sevco fans go into meltdown

As the furore over Chris Sutton’s ban from Ibrox continues tonight, the former Celtic striker took to Twitter to hit back at the Ibrox club.

When Sutton was banned back in September, the Rangers hierarchy cited “security concerns” which meant either they felt threatened by Sutton’s presence or they could not guarantee his safety.

If it was the former, than that is an incredible admission by the club that they cannot provide a safe place for professionals to come and work.

And if this is STILL their stance over two months later, what this tells you is that the Rangers security office is as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

Or they are simply lying and in that case they will need to come out and clarify their stance.

They won’t of course but as Sutton faces sitting in an empty Celtic Park to cover Rangers Europa League match, he fired off a two worded tweet which sent the Ibrox hordes into a meltdown.

The words? “Everyone Anyone”. The Ibrox anti racist and anti sectarian campaign slogan which ironically drew a couple of bigoted replies from their fanbase.

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