Sutton brilliantly slaps down cocky McCoist

One good result and they all come crawling out the woodwork. All week the silence from the Ibrox supporting pundits has been deafening. All week we never heard a peep from the likes of Kris Boyd and Ally McCoist.

After they were handed their backsides by Hibs in last weekends Hampden massacre, McCoist and Co had been laying down low.

Kris Boyd seemed to go into hiding all week but piped up after Rangers 2-0 victory over Sparta Prague and now it’s the turn of McCoist.

But, unfortunately for him, the former Rangers striker and now BT pundit came up against one of the best at delivering one liners. Celtic’s very own Chris Sutton.

As McCoist tried to rub in Rangers victory on Thursday night, he said to Sutton, “Can I just ask you guys, is it just Rangers and the Scottish national team carrying the coefficient now?

“Sutts, is that what’s happening? It seems like they’re just running the coefficient.”

But Sutton was having none of it as he hit back with a brilliant retort, “Can I ask you a question? Do you get a medal for the coefficient cup?”

And there he was handed his arse on a plate.

All week Celtic fans have been getting hit with this nonsense from the Rangers fans so it was good to see big Sutty fire it back both barrells.


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