Ticket office at Celtic Park

“Superman has a cape, Beale has brown brogues”, “Pedro-esque”, “I see the Daily Record has been hacked again” – Barry Ferguson ‘beaming with pride’ at famous Banter years Celtic fan expression

There are some things you see that need to be seen to be believed.

Like the Pyramids. Or an alien landing.

But this one tops the lot. This one is a sure fire sign that the Banter Years have returned to Ibrox once and for all.

Barry Ferguson wrote in his column today that he backs a decision by Michael Beale that has left him ‘beaming with pride’.

Is it contract extensions to Kent and Alfie? Or even cut price tickets to the Hibs game to get fans in for his first league game?

Don’t be daft. Wee Barry wrote this, “Michael Beale might be a thoroughly modern manager but he has made an old-school decision that had me beaming with pride when he announced it.

“You might think this is daft, but Beale ordering the Rangers squad to turn up suited and booted for home games from now on, is massive in my eyes.

“Wearing a suit, collar and tie and, of course, the brown brogues isn’t going to score you a goal when the match starts but this is a statement about standards.”

Barry, I don’t think it is stupid. The fact that you have referenced a phrase that Celtic fans use to rip the utter p*sh out of you and your club and you’re not even aware of it tells me that the fact you agree with this policy, and think it is one of the most important changes at the club, means that we are going to dominate for another 20 years.

And just when you think the column can’t get any more parody-like, “On match days, I would be the hamper boy and cleaning up after the games and all that kind of thing, but I used to see the likes of Richard Gough striding through those doors wearing that suit with obvious pride and a look that said “we mean business today. I loved it”.

Dear Lord.

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