Celtic Park from Janefield Street

Stunning Rangers referee stat that should concern Scottish football

I’m sure I wrote the other day that Hugh Keevins denied that there was a refereeing conspiracy against Celtic the other day.

I did. It’s right here.

It was the biggest pile of nonsense I had heard in a long time.

So I wonder if the esteemed journalist can explain this one to us then?

Nick Walsh. The most pro Sevco ref there is in the game. Allegedly.

But the crux of the point is this.

Collum hasn’t refereed another Rangers league match (which is what the poster was referring to) since that incident.

It’s quite incredible. Half a season has almost passed and after a complaint by them about a particular referee, he has been blacklisted ever since.

It may not be a direct one that affects our club, but if that’s not a refereeing conspiracy then I don’t know what is.

Imagine if that happened to every club that had a complaint about a ref?

The game would be in meltdown. So why is it allowed with them?

Now that Peter Lawwell is back, do you think he will sort that out or will we just continue ad hoc as long as the team are winning?

We will soon find out.

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