On their way to Paradise

“Still on the gear I see”, “I’m guessing he’s skint”, “Banter years in full flow” – £1.2m EBT man rinsed for title claim

There are former *Rangers players that will have the respect of the Celtic fans and some that will never have it.

Brian Laudrup and Jorge Albertz are two that will probably have earned that from the fans.

Others, simply will not.

Paul Gascoigne, Kris Boyd and Alex Rae are in that list that if they were on fire, the collective zips on all of the Celtic support would remain forever fastened.

Bar Gascoigne, the other two will go down in legendary status for another reason. They both helped the original Rangers die with their EBT shenanigans.

As did Nacho Novo.

A recipient of a £1.2m EBT, Novo must be in dire financial need because that must be the only reason I can think of why he has come away with this p*sh.

Novo will say anything to appease the hordes in Ibrox. He will do absolutely anything to stay relevant and in the news.

But even the most staunch *Rangers fans must be able to recognise this piece for what it is.

Absolute nonsense designed to get them to click the link to earn the ad revenue.

And they just continue to swallow this garbage.

And this title win is going to be all the sweeter for it.

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