Steven Gerrard’s class charity gesture. Will this open Rangers fans eyes?

Scottish football has without doubt, one of the most exciting seasons ahead. And I’m saying that as a Celtic fan looking at my team in 6th position in the league.

With the improvement of teams like Hearts, Hibs, Motherwell and St Johnstone coupled with the apparent decline of Rangers standards of last year and Celtic’s rebuilding job, the league at this present time is very open.

With all the problems the game has seen over recent months with racism, anti catholic singing and anti Irish discrimination, some news broke today about *Rangers manager, Steven Gerrard that I thought I should share.

The Rangers boss set up his own charity foundation called ‘The Steven Gerrard Foundation’ and it’s main aim is, “To generate as much money as possible to provide additional funding for a range of children’s charitable organisations and projects. Fairbridge and the Children’s Hospice, Claire House, are two of the first projects chosen to be supported by SGF”

But today the foundation made a £9000 donation to the Catholic Blind Institute in his home city of Liverpool and Gerrard said of the donation, “The money helps those who need it most. All the projects we’ve helped have been touching.”

According to its website, “The Catholic Blind Institute aims to provide an environment in which our children, young people and adults are enabled to achieve a life of fulfilment, security and dignity, irrespective of disability, infirmity or age.

Hopefully this gesture by the Rangers manager will also go some distance is helping to bridge the religious bigotry that is still present amongst some factions of the Ibrox support as clearly there are still issues that need tackled despite the Govan club’s Everyone Anyone strategy.

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