Celtic Park from the Forge car park

“Some people have short memories” – Objectivity out Journalist slaughters Celtic managerial favourite

As Celtic look one step closer to appointing a new manager, I can kind of get this kind of sentiment whenever a former custodian of the club looks set to return.

Especially if that custodian is Brendan Rodgers. The former Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester City manager is coming under further scrutiny this week as reports circulate that he has been spoken to by members of the Parkhead board.

And whilst some fans have a right to voice their concerns, others also have the right to show their approval.

But this time, it’s a journalist that has slammed the possible return of Rodgers.

Peter Martin took to Twitter today to give what he called a history lesson regarding Rodgers. And he didn’t hold back.

Martin tweeted, “Some people have short memories. Player revolt, tedious football, European humiliation and a man declaring his love while working his ticket out of the club. #historylesson, “

All fair points but points that are designed to suit an agenda.

If he was going to be balanced about this he would have mentioned the fact that he delivered a double treble, put us well on the road to the Treble Treble and gave the Celtic some incredible memories with that Invincibles season.

Context is important. And whilst I strongly disagreed with how Rodgers left Celtic, I can also appreciate what he brought to the club.