“Some bio you’ve got there” – Radio host calls out twitter user on race row. Guess the team?

There seems to be no end to the racism rows that are continuing to engulf football at the moment.

But what is encouraging is that many more people who are suffering racist abuse now have the voice and courage to call out the racists in not only society, but also in football, as we have witnessed over the last few months.

And long may it continue.

Marvin Bartley appeared on last nights Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to talk of the torment he has faced over his life and his career as a black footballer when he said, “When I was first racially abused – having your mum call you crying, saying she just wants you to come home, as a 30 year old man that was heartbreaking.

You can listen to what Marvin said below. And the reply to that tweet just leaves you wondering what is wrong with people in this country?

And you would think that after listening to the Livingston Assistant Manager the first feeling you would get would be empathy? Understanding? Or both? Maybe even anger that a fellow human being should be made to feel inferior for the colour of their skin?

Of course you would. Unless you were this twitter user.

An outstanding lack of self awareness and stupidity all rolled into one tweet. And the fact she named Neil Lennon, who suffered years of racist abuse, to try and back up her argument is quite astonishing.

Host Gordon Duncan replied to the tweet simply and succinctly when he said:

Taking a closer look at this persons timeline and follow list then you understand why she made the reply she did.

Education clearly failed this person.

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