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Siamese Bhoy and his daily defending of Neil Lennon is getting tiresome as he make Ange Euro comparison

This is a really bizarre Twitter account.

Not because it tweets in the third person trying to insinuate that it’s really Neil Lennon behind it, it’s bizarre for it’s sheer doggedness and commitment for defending the former Celtic boss with every single tweet.

I am all for sticking up for Lennon. I’m all for defending his track record as a player and a manager.

The guy is a legend. And always will be.

What I am against, though, is continuing this strange style of tweeting that is clearly antanogonising the Celtic support. Especially when defending the ten in a row season.

However, Siamese Bhoy continues to be a popular account on Twitter and whoever is behind it tweeted these interesting stats:

Very impressive stats considering Lennon left under a cloud and shows just how much he has contributed to our clubs history as a manager.

But he undo’s all.his good work with daft tweets like this:

To use Ange to make a point about Lennon’s European record is just attention seeking at best but mischief making at worst.

SB clearly knows that Ange has competed on the European stage during a major rebuild and for his foray into the Champions League he did so with a team full of players that have had no experience at that level

By all means, defend Lennon, but stop doing it by making cheap digs at Ange.

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