Shocking video of sectarian abuse aimed at Celtic players from the most unlikeliest of places

I always find it strange that the media seem to have this thing about calling the sectarian problem we have in Scottish football as a ‘west of Scotland’ problem.

It’s a lazy and tired story that, quite frankly, that if a monkey wrote it as a story on the back of a cigarrette packet it would be difficult to tell if it was written by one of our scribes in the Scottish media.

A quick look around will show you that there is a significant issue with sectarianism around the Gorgie side of Edinburgh. Many would argue that it is worse there than it is in Glasgow.

And more recently, Aberdeen fans were also guilty of sectarian chanting on their most recent visit to Celtic Park.

The media were strangely silent on that one funnily enough.

But a video appeared on twitter this afternoon of Ross County fans indulging in a little bit of west coast ‘banter’ after they watched, in pain, Tony Ralstons header hit the back of their net.

From the voices, they couldn’t have been any older than teenagers. Maybe even young kids.

Maybe they didn’t actually know what they were saying. After all, they live in Dingwall and probably don’t understand the west of Scotland tongue.

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