“Sexiest air quotes ever” – EPL Manager gains instant Celtic fan hero status

We all know the story. We all know the backdrop of Rangers dying and how they are a new club.

But the Scottish mainstream media, and their fanbase, somehow managed to spin a line to keep the blue half of Glasgow wrapped up in the myth of “Rangers” by claiming that it was the company, not the club, that liquidated and that they bought the history as part of the ‘assets’.

I know. It’s absolutely mental right?

But one thing that has been noted is that managers from different leagues know the difference.

Not too long ago we had Jon Dahl Tomasson call out the elephant in the room regarding the Govan clubs finances, which no one seems to be questioning in the SMSM and now here we have Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp air quoting the club as he knows what we know what they know but wont admit.

The tweet that revealed the video went viral, and Klopp instantly reached hero status with the Hoops fans and they showed their appreciation with some brilliant replies:

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