Match Day Celtic Park

Sevco’s X55 ‘experience’: yes it’s real and wait till you see what it is; Celtic really have broken them

OK, it’s Friday night. It’s the weekend so it’s time for a bit of fun. But I bet you were not thinking this kind of fun.

For Celtic fans, we have a potential treble party to look forward to. Either a night in the capital to celebrate or a night in the Gallowgate. We really don’t care do we?

We are Champions and we will celebrate like one. But for Sevco, this weekend means something completely different. Either you stay at home and cry or go on the X55 experience.

I sh*t you not, this is a thing. And wait till you read exactly what the experience entails.

Wow. If travelling the route of the X55 bus wasn’t depressing enough, you get the once in a lifetime chance (if you haven’t already) to catch a dose from Lana Wolf.

How the other half live, eh?

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