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“Auchenhowie will be getting renamed Hogwarts at this rate” – Celtic fans react as media fawning over Beale reaches vomit inducing levels

I wrote a bit about this last night. The Daily Record’s Ryan Kent piece last night was genuinely one of the worst pieces of journalist I have ever read.

If you don’t believe me, read it here. You will see what I mean when you red it.

But over the last few days we have been subject to headlines like these:

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Like I said last night, it’s just cheap fanboy nonsense from a media in this country that has no backbone, no creativity and no credibility.

But it was this one that was the last straw for the Celtic fans:

I mean, if these guys are THAT good, if they can sprinkle magic everywhere they go, why are they at Rangers?

Why are they not at Real Madrid? Man City? Man United?

The media in this country do themselves no favour by fawning over that club the way they do.

It’s little wonder sites like mine and other great Celtic sites out there (see above) are flourishing.

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