Sevco pantomime continues as former £1.7m EBT recipient ironically offers financial ‘tipping point’ warning

We have all had a great laugh over the last few days haven’t we? As we watch the tears flow faster than the River Clyde, it looks like the could be more pain heading Ibrox way.

But it is pain that is no secret to any of us.

As the Ibrox side continue on their path of financial doping, former Rangers boss Alex McLeish, who rather ironically contributed to the downfall of the old Rangers, has pointed out his ignorance of financial matters again as he comments on the £23m losses that have just been posted.

McLeish himself, a recipient of £1.7m of EBT payments which led to the demise of old Rangers, has now took it upon himself to offer financial advice to the Newco.

You really couldn’t make it up, “All of these financial reports came out over the last few years,”  McLeish told Football Insider.

“Every time it is said Rangers need to sell players. It gets said every time.

“The funny thing is, Rangers haven’t sold anybody to make up those funds.

“For some reason, they have stayed strong in that department which is quite amazing.

“Rangers can always make money, they are a massive club. They don’t seem to panic in these situations.

“Fans are back in and they are still in Europe. Having said that, maybe there will be a tipping point where they do have to sell someone.

“But as of yet, over the last few years, we haven’t seen it.”

The financial tipping point was the very first year they posted losses Alex. Not ten years down the road.

As the club continues to rely on bailouts from their directors, surely the Rangers fans must be worried when that financial backing dries up.

Which it will.

It’s just a matter of time.

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2 thoughts on “Sevco pantomime continues as former £1.7m EBT recipient ironically offers financial ‘tipping point’ warning”

  1. “Rangers haven’t sold anyone to make up those funds.”

    They would have if any club had actually thought their duds were worth buying, Alex!

    Somebody needs to stay aff the Buckie…

  2. They always seem to find the money!!! Oh do they ? why were they liquidated then. ?

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