Sevco fans rattled and mercilessly trolled over embarrassing Gio ‘stat’

We all remember the saying when we were kids, ‘My dad’s bigger than your dad!’ right?

That was the part of the argument you would get to when the original argument was lost.

Well it seems that is where the Rangers went to when comparing managers.

The blue half of Glasgow were all shook up when the Ibrox club tweeted out a video of him celebrating a goal on Thursday’s Europa League match and the Hoops fans commented on how small van Bronckhorst is. And it didn’tgo down too well:

And this then started off the most bizarre, but hilarious, run of tweets that even I don’t have space for here.

You know what Celtic fans are like when they get even the slightest of sniffs that something has rattled their rivals south of the river right? Well they just couldn’t let it Gio, I mean go…….

And if you are in any doubt at just how much this has annoyed them, one Rangers fans compiled stats from comparing ex managers from both clubs and brilliantly claimed they ‘win on aggregate’!

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