Sevco fans rage at Celtic blogger as Hoops twitter reminds them of their roots

The Celtic Blog is a site that gives you news and views about Scottish football from a Celtic point of view.

The site has never been just about Celtic. The author of the site has always been at pains to explain that whenever he writes an article based on anything but Celtic.

But his latest piece has sent the Ibrox swathes apoplectic with rage:

I contacted James (the writer on the site) about this to let him know he is famous for this piece as the Ibrox fans took the piece too literally as it was clearly an analogy that fell on deaf ears.

However, if you look at the comments the article drew, it did entice the rage of Govan.

When this was pointed out to James, he didn’t back down. He doubled down and the response to his next tweet is why Celtic twitter is tremendous. Enjoy:

Glass houses indeed!

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