Match Day Celtic Park

Sevco fans meltdown after Andy Walker and Hugh Keevins call out ‘disrespectful’ Beale

Got to love the tears from that mob anytime anyone ever calls out their club.

If it’s not financial doping, it’s refereeing helping hands and if it’s not that it’s a media circus that constantly fawns around that club.

But the minute a bit of negativity hits the club it’s boycotts, Pampers and Kleenex! That support just sh*t the bed. And it’s hilarious.

Michael Beale’s attempt to win over the lowest common denominator in their support by calling us the ‘other club’ was puerile and childish.

Everyone knows it. And the minute those in the media call it out, this happens:

Our manager talks about his meal instead of them because that was next on his list to get worried about. And as usual, these morons don’t get it.

Ange will worry about them when the time comes. 2nd January 2023.

Until that time, whatever they do is irrelevant. To him anyway.

But for us? It’s box office as we have plenty to laugh at them about:

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