Sevco fans latest conspiracy meltdown over Celtic’s loan transfers is a joy to behold

Remember when they all claimed how Celtic bottled it by requesting the winter shutdown be brought forward early?

Remember when NINE other clubs also voted to bring it forward?

Now, do you also remember when Celtic said they would repay those clubs for voting with them on the issue? Nah. Me neither.

But it hasn’t stopped the deranged Sevco fans claiming that, that is exactly what Celtic are doing by loaning their fringe players to SPFL clubs.

The lastest moonhowlers where out on force today as they lambasted the clubs transfer policy and claimed conspiracy with Liam Shaw and Ewan Henderson’s moves to Motherwell and Hibs, respectively.

It really is a joy to watch their fans cry about our transfer business when all they have done is claim the Hoops support were obsessed when Nathan Patterson left for a record ‘undisclosed fee’ to Everton.


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