Sevco fan rinsed for his deranged Jota comments

I’ve read a lot of nonsense on twitter over the last few days.

Mainly from Rangers supporters and their new found world saving transfer policy.

You know, the one where you develop players, sell them and then develop more?

It’s took them 10 years to perfect it and it certainly has sent them giddy.

But not as giddy as this guy. This Rangers fan took to twitter to make a strange comment about Jota after his own club just completed it’s ‘record’ transfer:

Jota is worth £6m? Is that not just the agreed transfer fee? Not his actual worth? By that logic Jota’s actual worth is the €88m buy out clause on his Benfica contract. Plus yeah, I’m raging that we don’t need to pay more to get the Portuguese magician to join us permanently.

Raging I tell thee!

Strange breed this lot and he got ripped by the Hoops fans for his trouble:

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