On their way to Paradise

“They’d f***ing hang me from that stand’.” – Bill McMurdo’s response to Rod Stewart’s Celtic Park request was bang on

Bill McMurdo. The very name grates on my nerves just as much as Judas.

The man orchestrated one of the biggest transfer stories in Scottish football history when he took that striker from Celtic to Rangers in a matter of 24 hours.

As soon as the words ‘Celtic are the only club I wanted to play for’ were uttered along with the scarf held aloft his head, David Murray’s chequebook was all it took for him to abandon his morals and make the switch to Ibrox.

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But this story here isn’t about that. All Celtic fans know about McMurdo and his role in that episode, this is about how Rod Stewart opened up the new North Stand at Celtic Park back in 1995 and how the veteran crooner made a strange request to the loathsome agent.

As reported by the Daily Record, McMurdo revealed, “We were in the boardroom and Fergus said, ‘We want Mr Stewart to sing a song before cutting the ribbon.’ I told him that wouldn’t be happening, he was there to cut a ribbon, not sing a song.

“Fergus agreed to that but then Rod came up to me and said, ‘Bill, I’m s***ing myself – I’ve sung in front of 200,000 but that’s my job. This is different. I want you to come with me.’

“My response was, ‘Are you kidding me? They’d f***ing hang me from that stand’.”

Jesus, could you imagine the response if he walked out onto Celtic Park?

There would have been carnage. Literally.

The very fact he got near the place is just astounding.

McMurdo, along with him, will never be forgiven by the Celtic fans for what he did to the club at that time.

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