Report incredibly claims Dom McKay’s exit ‘explained’

Well that was fast. After three and a half days, a report from The Athletic claims they have explained the mysterious reason why Dom McKay has left the club.

Out of all the wild theories that have been mooted about, Kieran Devlin of The Athletic claims ‘sources’ have lifted the lid on the biggest story of the weekend when he wrote, “Sources have spoken of receiving mixed, contradictory messages from different club figures.

One described Celtic as being “painfully slow” in some discussions and several mentioned not receiving replies to messages for days or sometimes weeks.

When replies did come, they would sometimes be from a different club figure.

“One source described it as “messy, everyone stepping on each other’s toes”. More than one target is said to have been missed out on during this process.

So he’s explained it with no real answers and just speculation from an unnamed source? Am I reading that correctly?

Granted, Celtic’s and Dom McKay’s statements were vague, unclear and left more questions than answers but to claim the former CEO’s exit has been explained without any real or substantial evidence is just plain wrong.

This kind of speculation does more harm than good. It questions the integrity of Celtic’s operation and also the professionalism of McKay without having to provide a single shred of evidence.

I actually have more respect for the pundit’s that at least put their names to their opinions because at least then, there is a level of accountability that can be held against it.

I am sure, in time, that we will find out the exact reasons at what happened behind the scenes, and Dom, if you’re looking for someone to pen your book, I am very reasonably priced!

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