“Remember this?” – Celtic fan unearths outstanding clip of Hugh Keevins admitting Rangers died

There has never really been any contention about this. Certainly amongst the Celtic fans anyway.

2012 was a momentous season in Scottish football history.

It was the year that the club we knew then as Glasgow Rangers died but it was also the rebirth of a club we all know as Sevco 5088 which currently masquerades as Rangers.

The new club has been trying hard (with the help of the SMSM) to continue the lie that Rangers still lives on.

The new club, and the media, seem to forget the endless front and back pages that confirmed the old Rangers died and that this new entity that resides from Ibrox is a new club.

And so had Hugh Keevins.

Keevins is a much maligned Scottish football pundit and has been one of the stalwarts of the same club myth but a Celtic fan reminded him of his very own words from 12th June 2012 where he admitted that the blue half of Glasgow was dead.

Have a listen:

Of course, it cannot be denied now that the club we know as Rangers now, is a new club?

Over to you Hugh.

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