Rangers official media partner’s claim taken apart by some beautiful Celtic fan tweets

Heart & Hand.

Got to love them right? Not the content they produce but for sheer comedic value. In fact let’s start that again.

Heart & Hand. Got to love them right? For the sheer comedic content they produce.

Normally they have some sort of twitter meltdown that gets dealt with expertly by the Celtic fans and this one is no different.

As the Rangers fans continue to get twitchy at the thought of Steven Gerrard leaving their beloved club for the riches of the English Premier League, the media partner tweeted: “The ‘1 in 9’ jibe at Gerrard is perfectly natural from opposition fans – downplaying a rival’s success is part of football.

But if anybody uses it as a serious argument, it’s safe to assume their football knowledge could be comfortably housed on the back of a Panini sticker.

And one glorious Celtic fan tweet clamped, as did many, the usually mouthy account:

And there were many, many more like this. Sit back and enjoy:

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