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“Rangers fans do not seem to be taken by him.” – Roger Hannah senses trouble at Ibrox

To be honest, it doesn’t really take much for the Rangers fans to turn on their gaffers does it?

Look at Steven Gerrard. The man that brought their first ever piece of silverware was vilified by the Govan hordes.

GvB took them to a European final and he was chased out of town.

And now, it seems, that Michael Beale is next in the sights of the Sevco stands. That’s according to journalist Roger Hannah.

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Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Hannah said, “It’s been really strange because there has been no honeymoon period for Michael Beale as Rangers manager even before the final yesterday.

Thirteen wins out of fourteen, a draw against Celtic and he was still in the lane of fire from Rangers fans, particularly after the Partick Thistle game and the banner at the Livingston game.

And you sort of knew if things went wrong yesterday he would be the first guy and the line of fire.

I think it’s difficult for him just now. He’s still dealing with Giovanni von Bronckhorst’s squad. Some of the squad go back his is own time with Steven Gerrard.

Some of their squad go back even before Steven Gerrard and I think that is one of the issues that Rangers haven’t turned the squad over quickly enough.

Personally, I think Michael Beale is very early into his tenure to be taking this level of stick, but the Rangers fans do not seem to be taken by him.”

This weekend will be huge for the Rangers gaffer. Anymore dropped points and he could well face a mutiny in Govan.

I can’t wait for the weekend!

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