Ibrox Stadium

“Has John Cleese brought back Monty Python as well as Fawlty Towers?”, “Why are they saluting a fireplace?” – Absolutely bizarre Sevco fans minute silence video appears

Ok, I’m not even going to pretend to know what the hell is going on here/

It’s clearly a minutes silence to respect the war dead completed at some point by these two fans but really, what is the need for this?

Have a watch of this bizarre, but compelling, ‘tribute’:

So much to pick through here.

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For me, the mark of respect was ruined with the shorts and no socks and the one size too small Rangers top on the guy on the left.

For the Rangers da on the left, his oversized nightshirt was a mark of quality coupled with his ill fitting joggers.

And WTF is that march all about? The only service these two have seen is the self service screens at their local McDonald’s.

The only question I have is this. Why are they like this? Why?

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