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“Do you get a trophy for that?” – Celtic fans can’t believe the latest Rangers ‘anniversary’ mooted by Superscoreboard pundit

Right, surely it must have been a wind up? It had to be.

I’ve not listened to the full show yet so I will bring it to you when I do, but when this was tweeted by Tam sellic son, it’s hard to imagine that this is now a thing:

It’s a bit like when they won the Scottish Cup last season and they were labelled the ‘Scottish Cup Champions’ and not one person in the media or pundit world picked up on it.

It’s pandering on an unprecedented level.

But celebrating an anniversary of winning a league. What even is that?

Is it because it’s the fictitious 55 and they need to celebrate a league title numbered specifically to push a narrative that they didn’t die?

It’s embarrassing on a number of levels and the sooner these pundits and reporters stop embarrassing themselves and insulting our intelligence, we will continue to call these idiots out:

The most underrated reply of them all:

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