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Rangers fan tells two blatant Celtic lies that no Superscoreboard pundit corrected

Earlier I asked the question of whether the Rangers fans are deluded, stupid or both.

Well after this guy called into a radio phone in show, I have concluded that they are both.

For some strange reason, the Ibrox fans have been trying to convince themselves that their team is somehow equal to ours in every measure since Beale took over.

We all know that they have been far from convincing and out of the thirteen games Beale has been in charge, it was (surprise surprise) the game against Hearts that they were semi-impressive.

Which prompted this mental take from a Rangers fan on the upcoming final on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, “I mean Rangers performances since Michael Beal has come in has not been bettered by any club in Scotland. [Lie]

So there’s not anything massive to be feared. [Delusion]

As far as I’m concerned, we go into the cup final as equals. [Lie]

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And my original point was will Ange Postecoglou look to rearrange things given how formidable Rangers have been since Michael Beale has come into the Ibrox hot seat?” [Delusion]

The gap at the top has actually widened since Beale came in. The goal difference has been incredible.

For every three goals we score four.

I don’t mind confidence going into a game, I genuinely don’t but please don’t try and make claims that performances and stats clearly do not back up.

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