Ibrox Stadium

“Yous don’t even have standard grades!” – Racism, tax dodging and bigotry. Celtic fans remind Tavernier of his clubs ‘standards’

Cards on the table, I was impressed that Beale did what he did and let Thistle run up the park and equalise.

The hordes at Ibrox, well, they let their feelings be well known about what they thought of their gaffers decision.

And by God, they were not happy.

The howling from the crowd sent a message to Beale. There are no standards when it comes to that club.

Win at all costs. And to be fair to them, they lived and then died submitting to that moto.

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So when Thistle scored, Operation Standards was set in motion as the realisation set in to Beale and players that there was 50,000 angry bears in the stands.

If it was me and I was at that club, the last thing I would talk about is standards.

And Tav himself should know the backlash from the stands about that topic because the time he spoke about standards and how his players couldn’t cope with pressure and an ‘in your face style’ he was pretty much hounded out of the club.

But thankfully, the Celtic fans were at hand to remind the penalty champion of the world about his clubs ‘values’:

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