Celtic Park from Janefield Street

“It’s a rigged game”, “A breathtaking cover up” – Celtic fans react to Sevco share owning Sheriff after producing a ‘dishonest & misleading’ report on Ibrox takeover

That club, the people connected to it and the whole place in general is as mad as a box of frogs.

You don’t have to wait too long to wait for a story to come along and it either makes you laugh or shake your head at how it manages to get itself involved in all the mental stuff it does.

Mike Ashley, Sports Director, Pedro Caixinha, £100m in losses and brown brogues and blazers, it’s incredible how they manage to tag themselves onto incredible headlines that make them look bloody stupid.

But somehow they manage it. And here is another cracker.

Quite incredible. And it is a report that will cost the tax payer close to £100m.

How is this guy getting away with it. And Scot-free?

It looks like there is systemic and endemic corruption within our game and it stinksto high heaven.

It’s little wonder Celtic fans, no, Scottish footballer fans have had enough of that club and it’s deceased half relative.

The old Rangers will be spinning in it’s grave whilst the new one costs the public purse many millions more.

And this is the most pertinent point of them all:

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