“Punish them for the big games” – Celtic fan solution to Dens Park minute silence. Then the mask slips.

This was simply brilliant radio. You couldn’t make it up.

In fact, you could, but the fact this happened at the end of this radio show highlighted the call for the sham it really was.

I’ll leave the cliffhanger till the end because if I give it away too early, it will ruin the piece.

On last nights Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, a Celtic fan called Chris called the show to convey his disgust at the Hoops fans behaviour at Dens Park on Sunday afternoon.

Chris called with a suggestion on how to deal with fans that routinely embarrass the club whenever there is a minutes silence to commemorate the fallen.

It was succinct and straight to the point.

A ban for the big games. A two game ban. But months apart.

I’ll let Chris take it away, “The point is mostly about the minute of silence and the fans behaviour yesterday to the ground.

Now I’m sure that the panel, even the tennis balls, forget the minutes silence [this part is important], was just completely unacceptable.

Celtic know who these people are. It’s not difficult. We know who it is. The only way to punish these people is a two game ban. [Ok, but what games and when?]

We’re not that talking about St Mirren at home or whatever. The only two games these people need punished for is Real Betis and Rangers [BINGO!!].

Because it’s the only way these people will listen. There’s no point in punishing them against St Mirren or Livingston or whatever because it’s clearly not working and they’ve tried all this.

Shut it for the big games and they stop these people getting in. Because I’m sure it’s the only way they will listen.

It wasn’t so much the tennis balls thing [it was two minutes ago?]. When the banner went up you can understand it.

It was the minutes silence [it wasn’t two minutes ago]. See if you go back over the last three, four years, it’s Remembrance Sunday.

Every year, whether it’s Celtic park, or whether it’s at Falkirk or whatever it’s the same group of fans. They know the group.

So you just ban the group.

You know who it is. You punish them for the big games.”

Real Betis and Rangers. Why specifically Rangers? Why not Real Betis and say, Hearts or Hibs or even the Cup semi final against St Johnstone? All massive games coming up within the next 4-5 weeks.

The reason he picked Rangers?

Chris is from Govan.

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2 thoughts on ““Punish them for the big games” – Celtic fan solution to Dens Park minute silence. Then the mask slips.”

  1. Chris is a sevco fan obviously, now I don’t like some of what the Green Brigade do but I’m 100% behind them on the Bernard Higgins appointment, that man ruined some Celtic supporters lives by trumping up charges against them. A few supporters lost their jobs, some lost their homes but some even lost their families as a consequence of Higgins and Police Scotland. He and his officers revelled in seeing ordinary guys being convicted for absolutely nothing. I’m not saying that all supporters are innocent as that would be naive of me but the amount going through the courts was inconsistent with any actual offence, in short a lot of their apparent crimes were fabricated. I knew Bernard Higgins as a boy as he was a few years below me at school and his family are beyond reproach, his mother taught me and most of my sisters too at St Mary’s primary school in Coatbridge and he was a good kid too. I know the police see a lot of horrible things in their line of work that hardens their character but it was no excuse for the reign of terror OBFA brought on your average supporter and the way it was implemented was a disgrace. If Celtic appoint this guy they better prepare for the backlash it’ll cause, the board need to be reminded at the agm where the power truly lies and it isn’t with them.

  2. Yes I agree 100% with Tommy regarding Higgins and the board ignoring the fans as for GB I’m supporting them as the protest during min silence is not against those soldiers who lost their lives in two wars my family lost uncles and brothers in both wars it is against British troops atrocities committed in Ireland in the troubles and Eire during rebellion and all the years before that the person who called Clyde 1 is not sneaking for majority of fans and too insist that GB are banned from big games strange request think he’s a sevco fan

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