Prominent Fan Media Outlet Fires Warning To The Celtic Board

As Celtic look to expand their transfer activity now we are at the business end of the window a prominent fan media site has sent a warning to the board that they should heed.

Ange Postecoglou has taken the Celtic support by storm. His brand of football is a style that the supporters have long since craved since the Tommy Burns days.

Now many can argue we witnessed great football under Brendan Rodgers, but this is different. This is relentless pressing, slick passing and sheer unadulterated free flowing football. The kind of get you off your seat for 90mins that Postecoglou promised us.

And what he has shown in a very short space of time is remarkable considering he still has not managed to get exactly the type of player he needs to deliver the brand of football he believes in.

Tino, Miff and Sinky of The Celtic Exchange Podcast have warned the Celtic board that if they do not back the manager completely, they risk him walking away and if that ever came to pass they would face the wrath of the Celtic fans.

Speaking on the latest episode, Miff said, “This season, we’ve got somebody that’s come in and gave us renewed belief. He is executing his plans in front of our very eyes.

And that in itself has got the fans excited and then what you’re seeing as the fans upholding their end of the bargain. They’re buying season tickets. They’re buying the additional tickets.

And they are really letting the board know that yes, we are 100% behind Ange and the team, by no means are we going to accept what we got last time which was just complacency at board level.

Whilst for all the optimism we discussed here, we still need reinforcements, we still need signings. Just because Ange has improved individual players doesn’t mean that it stops here.

“And also, he is very experienced coach as well.

Just because we hadn’t necessarily heard of him doesn’t mean that he’s not a good idea and how he wants to operate and how he wants things done. And given the impression he’s made on the fans, it’s in the board’s vested interest not to mess this up.

If we have a disenfranchised Ange Postecoglou on the bench, after the transfer window ends, that spells a lot of trouble for the board.

Because if for any reason, and he has shown before he qualified for the World Cup he walked away because he didn’t like what was going on, he doesn’t get backed and walks away, that will be it for the board.”

Postecoglou has already spoken of his frustration at the lack of transfer movement, let’s hope it is not something he is still speaking about after the window closes.

One thought on “Prominent Fan Media Outlet Fires Warning To The Celtic Board”

  1. If he is frustrated, as Rodgers was in August 18 and didn’t walk then, I don’t think this guy will hang around he’s not going to accept being undermined. He won’t be a coward like Rodgers and wait for the first knock on the door. To the board, “mess with the Greek Ausssie at your peril” I hope you’re reading Dom.

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