“Pretty pathetic journalism”, “EBT and helped bankrupt the club well done” – Wee EBT Nacho caught telling porkies about Celtic ‘move’

What can be said about this guy that hasn’t been said before.

In fact, the more pertinent question should be is why are the Scottish press giving this guy a platform to spout his wee porkie pies almost 20 years after his move to the Oldco?

It’s as if there needs to be some story floating about Rangers whilst Celtic steal the headlines with their continued activity in the transfer market.

For some strange reason, The Daily Record AND Football Scotland (which is just an extension of the Record, lets be honest) both ran a story about how Nacho Novo ‘rejected’ Celtic in favour of their rivals.

Popular Celtic blogger, James Forrest was scathing in his criticism of the former Rangers striker in his latest piece as he tears strips from the Spaniard but it got me thinking.

How true is his claims he knocked Celtic back?

How I love the internet.

Back in 2004, even the hacks then headlined it as Celtic ‘losing out’ on Novo even although the actual interview with the then Celtic manager Martin O’Neill CONFIRMED in the same article that no offer had been made to Novo. O’Neill said at the time, “We put an offer into Dundee which we had to do in order to get permission to speak to the player.

“It was very clear in the 15-minute or so conversation that we had with him that he had set his mind on a move to Rangers and that is absolutely not a problem.

“There was no actual offer put to him and it is entirely his prerogative that he opted to go to Rangers and I have no problem with that because he made it clear that was his preference.”

No actual offer. Shocker that eh? But here he is. Still peddling the same story like the little prevaricator that he is.

At least the Celtic fans agree with him on one thing. It is the best decision he has ever made because that EBT worth over £1m was another nail in the Oldco’s coffin.

Thanks Novo.

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